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Flo’Tron – “Turn It Up”

by Miracle

(Photo By Lady Fusion)

“Turn It Up” (listen)

The previous Flo’Tron post received a lot of love. So figured it was time to share the second single as promised. This single is called “Turn It Up” and is described by the duo as sort of the buddy single to the earlier featured “Morning Blessingz.” One possible reason for that may be that this track too has a radio style opening. This one is more on the chill late night radio tip with just a hint of amusement. The production here is alluring. The light instrumentation and  fluent cadence create a tranquil tone. The hook is great. The delivery is polished and the secondary booming voice was a striking touch. The lyrics are strong and give the listener something to think about: “Turn up the boombox. Open up the scripture. While you hear the bass feel the faith in the mixture.” It’s just that one line repeated but those words are heavy. The verses are ace. Mic Crawf takes care of the first verse and St. Pennz does his thing on the second verse. Both contribute relaxed flows, authentic wordplay, and intellectual rhymes. They do a compelling job of putting forth some thought provoking ideals for the listener to soak in. Overall, this was another epic track from Flo’Tron. There should definitely be more cuts like this on the radio period.

**My Two Cents: I instantly took a liking to this song. The vibe of the track is extra appealing. Also, the content gives you something to really pay attention to and absorb. Crawf and Pennz did their thing once again. For more music by the duo, readers can hit up Reverb Nation. And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter as well. -MinM

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