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(Art By DeChazier Stokes-Johnson)

Long time site favorite Son Em’ All has been missing in action for a couple of years now. He unfortunately got caught up in the Milwaukee penal system. A struggle that sadly many of our Black males know all too well. However, things are starting to look up again for the veteran emcee. He’s free and though still fighting the system in a sense, he’s also returned to the music scene. He’s got a lot to say and is kicking off his return with an EP entitled Back & Forth. The five track offering is described in the press release as a reference to: “(…) the revolving door of the Prison Industrial Complex as well as the push and pull it puts on a man and his family emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.” That sets a pretty deep tone right there. This journey into a troubled world includes production from top 414 names: DSCRIBE, Blax, and 40Mil. There are also a few guest appearances on the project as well from the likes of: Hektik, kEwii, Mic Crawf, Meccah Maloh, Rich P, and Blax. That is quite the roster of names right there. Settle in for the ride and continue reading after the break.

sxsw-2014(Photo By Google Images)

This time of year, many artists from all mediums are drawn to Austin, TX for the annual SXSW multi-media festival. For the first time in the festival’s history, Milwaukee was represented last night (3/12) and we here at The Illixer are very proud of all our sons and daughters who made the trip down south.

1001582_10152010760085910_1289988461_n(Photo By Facebook)

Haven’t shared new content from Milwaukee based emcee Taiyamo Denku in a while. Therefore thought it might be nice to close out the week by bringing readers his new single/video. The song is called “Stuntman” and it features production from Uncommon Nasa. Additionally, there are clips of a couple having a debate on the realness of magic at the beginning and end of the track. The production is concrete. It consists of hushed grim components, a mid-tempo pace, and a foreboding vibe. The hook is adequate and the verses are reputable. Denku does a satisfying job of sharing the story of a man whose life is basically spiraling out of control. Overall, it’s a refined single.