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Taiyamo Denku – “Stuntman” (Video)

by Miracle

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Haven’t shared new content from Milwaukee based emcee Taiyamo Denku in a while. Therefore thought it might be nice to close out the week by bringing readers his new single/video. The song is called “Stuntman” and it features production from Uncommon Nasa. Additionally, there are clips of a couple having a debate on the realness of magic at the beginning and end of the track. The production is concrete. It consists of hushed grim components, a mid-tempo pace, and a foreboding vibe. The hook is adequate and the verses are reputable. Denku does a satisfying job of sharing the story of a man whose life is basically spiraling out of control. Overall, it’s a refined single.

The video was handled by 50 Hungry Lions. It opens with dark striking imagery that features Denku having an internal battle of sorts with the “stuntman” (Spade One). From there, he goes to have an obscure meeting with the leader of a local mob. The leader is played by tattoo artist/rapper Ruthless Associate (R.A.). Following their brief encounter, Denku is shown walking down an alley with his girlfriend (played by model Krysta Marie) and a flask. The two end up at a bar which just so happens to be local East-side venue, The Uptowner. While chilling inside, Denku is confronted by the earlier mentioned mob boss and a couple of his thugs (including Mic Crawf). Things get a tad physical and Denku winds up laid out on the floor. Ultimately, he goes to the confront the boss at the gang’s headquarters. Which takes the story to the South-side, specifically Aztec Ink Tattoo shop. Unfortunately, the visit makes the situation a lot worse instead of better. Denku’s girlfriend is snatched up by the thugs and Denku attempts to make a run for it. To find out the fates of Krysta & Denku, readers will have to tune into the flick. All in all, this was an engrossing watch.

**My Two Cents: This was a cool video. I liked the concept a lot. The supporting cast did an excellent job. R.A. just looked super mean throughout the whole thing and Spade One took way too much delight in hurting Denku (lol). And I think the glimpses of Denku’s daughters was a nice touch. They are adorable and you just wouldn’t want them to be without their dad. So it helped bring about some sort of reaction to Denku’s string of bad luck. On another note, local fans can catch Denku live at The Uptowner tomorrow night. He’ll be helping fellow artist Judah Priest celebrate his born day. The cover is only $5 and the doors open at 9pm. Get more information regarding the event here. -MinM

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