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Emmitt James Presents: James London Vlog Series – Entry #3 (Video)

by Miracle

The third episode in the James London Vlog Series has been released. It’s titled “Kyle Behnke (The Man Behind The Lens).” It was put together by Emmitt James himself with accompanying music from Explosion In The Sky. Check it out below.

Kyle Behnke is the owner of K-Bar Productions LLC. He talks about his career in videography and how he met Emmitt James in the midst of his journey. He initially got into making videos as a way to fit in and express himself during his high school years. He strayed from his dream his first year in college for something more practical but couldn’t deny his passion for being behind the camera. So he changed his major and landed himself a job with the University Of Wisconsin – Stevens Point newspaper, The Pointer. Which is where he met Emmitt, who happened to be a reporter for the publication. The two developed a bond and eventually decided to work together outside of the paper. They combined their crafts and the result was the “What Writers Do” music video. Kyle says that their friendship stems from the respect & admiration that he has for Emmitt for his unwavering pursuit of his Hip-Hop career. He feels the way Emmitt balances school, work, and music makes him role model worthy. All in all, this was a very inspirational segment.

**My Two Cents: I think this is my favorite entry. A lot of people can relate to Kyle’s story of struggling with what to pursue in college. Also, the way he and Emmitt came to meet was just really cool. I enjoyed the “What Writers Do” video and look forward to the pair working together again in the future. Finally, I think this revealed a lot about Emmitt James as well. I thought it was something working one job and going to school. He works three. That is mind blowing. I gained a whole new level of respect for Emmitt after watching this and I think readers will too. Don’t forget the James London EP drops on September 3rd and will be hosted right here on the site. So be sure to stop through and give it a listen! -MinM

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