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New Release From: Kia Rap Princess

by Miracle


Heiress To The Throne – Volume 2 (listen/download)

Local favorite femcee Kia Rap Princess has finally dropped her long awaited mixtape, Heiress To The Throne – Volume 2 via Blaqlizt Entertainment. The project features some input from DJ E-Dub as well. The mixtape boasts Kia’s clever street savvy rhymes complimented by only the hottest production that the city has to offer. So that’s about 18 tracks worth of music. Among those tracks will be songs such as: “Right,” “WTF U On,” “IYaYa,” etc. If these tracks sound familiar, it’s because they are fan favorites from Kia’s various performances this past year. She’s got some fresh material in the mix too though. And heard a lot or not, it’s all official. Everyone knows that Kia wouldn’t have it any other way. Those interested can cop a physical copy from the princess herself at any of the many places she happens to appear. Or they can head on over to Live Mixtapes via the link above.

On another note, a huge congrats is in order. Earlier this week, Kia won a competition at local club venue Onyx. As a result of her win, she will be featured in an upcoming issue of XXL magazine. Her one of a kind style and dope lyrics truly stole the show. And her lovely dancer probably didn’t hurt either. The song that took her to victory is a new release called “Drop It.” It can be heard on her Sound Cloud. Better keep an eye on this one. She will be a worldwide household name in no time at all. On behalf of The Illixer, congrats once again Kia Rap Princess!!

**My Two Cents: Nothing but love for Kia Rap Princess. Not only is she one of the most talented emcees in the Mil but she’s always showing respect and keeping it real too. Can’t say that about too many artists out there. Heiress To The Throne – Volume 2 is a must listen and there will be a review coming soon. And I was lucky enough to be at Onyx when she won. It was a great experience and she deserved it. Go support and check out the music. You do not want to sleep on this movement. Shout out to the Blaqlizt Entertainment camp! -MinM

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