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Illuminati Roundtable: On The Run Tour Review (Chicago)

by Pooh Bailey

(Photo Courtesy Of Google Images)

I’m back like fat. Fresh off vacation, I thought I’d give you guys a review of the greatest show on earth. No it’s not Eminem and the Billy Goat. Nor is it Delicate Drizzy and Gremlin Wayne. It’s Mr. and Mrs. Carter. Yes, the same Mr. and Mrs. Carter that you gullible idiots believe are divorcing. I had the pleasure (and funds) of seeing the pair in their world renowned tour, On The Run. If I say it was marvelous, I’m just being coy. If you are just a fan of one of the two, trust me when I say that by the end of the show you’ll be a fan of both. So what was so great about the show?

The show wasn’t your typical concert. It was a movie, literally. The show plays out as the ups and downs of a relationship. It starts off with “03 Bonnie and Clyde,” “Crazy In Love,” “Upgrade U,” and “N—as in Paris.” The ‘Lovey Dovey’ stage. Then an hour later we are hit with songs like, “Why Don’t You Love Me,” “Holy Grail,” “99 Problems,” “Ex-Factor,” “Song Cry,” and “Resentment.” Lets call this the ‘Ish Just Got Real’ stage. After all the drama, here comes “Love On Top,” “I Just Wanna Love You,” and “Single Ladies.” In the interlude, Beyoncé called this the ‘Forgiveness’ stage. And last but not least, “Hard Knock Life,” “Part II,” and “Halo.” The ‘Love Conquers All’ stage.

From the costumes, to the interludes, to the all-out performances, best show ever. Not even saying this as a stan but as a person who enjoys a great show. No matter how you feel or what someone on YouTube told you to feel, Mr. and Mrs. Carter are worth every penny that they ask for. The highlight for me was the intro with the two standing there like gangstas (don’t ask why, you had to be there). The transition from Yonce to Jigga (my n—a) just kept you hyped. Side note, folks tend to forget that Jay Z has been in this game for almost 20 years. This man has hits and he proved it. Beyoncé singing Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor” and “Resentment” showed that she offers more than just leotards and dancing. That girl can sing. Hands down, “Why Don’t You Love Me” was the best performance of the night. Baddie Bey took it back to her church days. And then she went directly into “Holy Grail.” By the way, sorry Justin, “Holy Grail” is no longer in need of your services. At the end of the show, a video montage of Blue Ivy Carter plays on the screen while Beyoncé sings “Halo” and Jay Z stands there like a proud father/husband.

The greatest show ever!! Just thought I would reiterate. If you are upset that you didn’t go or you want to see if it’s all hype, no fear. On September 20, 2014, HBO and The Carters are bringing you On The Run: Paris, live in your living room/basement/friend’s house/library computer. So be on the lookout for that. But in the meantime you can look at a few YouTube videos, and see if you want that ‘perfect’ love story too. “Cliché. Cliché. Cliché.” -Pooh Bailey

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