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EL – Retrospective 2: Freeworld (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

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“Everything” (previous review)

“Gossip” (previous review)

The 414’s own EL finally released his highly promoted mixtape Retrospective 2: Freeworld a little while back. The tape contains a total of 10 tracks including previously heard selections “Everything” and “Gossip.” Additionally, there are guest appearances from other Milwaukee names such as Klassik and Yo Dot. Continue reading to discover what else the project has in store.
This is the very first song on the tape. The production here is well-bred. The resonant bass, graceful secondary elements, trendy rhythm, and lenient vibe make for a high grade blend. The hook is correct. The delivery is attractive and the lyrics are concrete. The verses are exceptional. EL utilizes a snazzy flow, gifted wordplay, and first-string rhymes. He touches base on being successful yet still having the hunger for more. A few lines worth noticing are: “Let these n—as tell it I failed. Got the world like who the f–k is EL? I’m the man. That’s the answer to myself. Back when I was trying to get up on the shelf. The black belt still kicking that ill s–t. These n—as taking shots but they still miss. Now everybody say they want that real s–t. Can’t reach the throne. But to each his own. I’m Cheech & Chong with this bong. Can I see it all? These n—as acting like yo dawgs til they see you fall.” Those are some choice bars right there. Overall, this was an excellent way to get the ball rolling.
“Untitled Nonsense”
The production here is decent. The subtle foundation, light weight supporting details, moderate pace, and mellow vibe are a charming pairing. The hook is on point. The delivery is clear cut and the lyrics are fitting. The verses are kosher. EL exhibits a traditional style flow, brash wordplay, and gratifying rhymes. He takes a very flippant stance as he expresses his feelings towards certain scenarios. He spits: “OG’s see me and nod. Tell me keep doing my thing. These hoes want a name. So they wanna f–k. But I let her know I know the game. Sunglasses in the rain cause that’s my attitude. Venturing through these avenues. Check the gratitude. I can’t be mad at you if you don’t like my s–t. But my reply is to suck my dick. French tips on her nails. High as hell. Can’t remember last night. She revealed all her gems. I hit the skins and grinned. I’m not trying to pretend. This s–t is in my soul. Don’t give a f–k if I make your post.” Those words definitely have a slight bite to them. All in all, this song is noteworthy.
“Never Been”
This is the very last record on the offering. The production here is winning. It consists of: a booming bass, somber yet stylish musical components, a labored tempo, and a grave vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is orthodox and the lyrics are succinct. The verses are legitimate. EL presents a low key flow, sharp wordplay, and vivid rhymes. He conveys a message about how he feels about the rap game in which he operates. A handful of citable lines include: “F–k wearing the crown. B—h I carry my town. City on my back and I feel like this s–t wearing me down. I mean who colder? The n—a that’s forming supernovas and doing donuts inside of them f–king rented Rovers. Just feel this thunder strike ’em down as I conquer. (…) It gave me fuel to be the illest rapper til then I’ll car pool. These b—hes they give it up like bullies taking ya lunch. Rappers sweeter than runts. Still throwing a sucker punch.” That opening right there gives the listener quite the earful. In the end, this is a foolproof way to conclude the tape.
**My Two Cents: Retrospective 2: Freeworld is an illustrious effort. The production is certified and the content is equally fresh. EL did not disappoint on this project at all. He could’ve mixed up his subject matter a little bit more. But otherwise there is not much to criticize. I liked it and strongly encourage readers to take a gamble on it. -MinM

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