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Camb – “Sincerely,”

by Miracle

artworks-000085953684-cu2hza-t500x500(Photo By K.I.D.)

Emmitt James associate Camb decided to reach out to the site with a solo offering. He’s an extremely young talent who’s roots are based right here in the Mil-Town. He draws influence from great names such as: Tupac, Andre 3000, Kanye West, and more. His submission is a track called “Sincerely,.” It was produced by Millie and mixed by Camb himself.

The production here is matchless. It utilizes portions of “3:16 AM” and “My Mine” both by eccentric R&B songbird Jhene Aiko. The graceful bass, diversified musical accessories, lethargic tempo, and sedated vibe make for an epic combination. There is no traditional type hook used on this cut. Instead there are breaks where snippets of the aforementioned samples play through. It’s a suitable tactic. The verses are formidable. Camb exhibits a pristine flow, first-string wordplay, and heartfelt rhymes. He came at the track off the top of the dome, just speaking from his spirit. The tune serves as his way of sending out a message to his former love as they have a difficult time communicating in the usual manner. A clip from his out pouring includes: “Who would’ve thought we’d end? None of my n—as or my friends said they’d thought we’d end. I even talked to moms about it, she said we was meant to be. But can you see it? Cause you don’t seem to see all the things that you used to see and I hate that. Just want my baby back. I hate the way I love you. And hate I’m feeling that. And they say pain is temporary. I ain’t feeling that. It feel like you been gone forever and I’m weak. But it’s been less than that. I need my baby back.” Any girl would be moved by those words right there. Overall, this is a potent record.

**My Two Cents: Camb is a promising artist. He has a wholesome style and his rhymes are solid. This track was awesome. I loved the mash up of the Jhene Aiko singles. The production came together superbly. Also, Camb did his thing for spitting off top. He captured the essence of a rough break up perfectly. It sucks he had to endure the situation but he flipped it into a really wonderful creation. I’m hoping that Camb will keep in touch and that we will get to hear what else the young rapper can do in the future. -MinM

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