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Cinco – “Nowhereland” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

Nowhereland Artwork(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Local outside of the box rapper Cinco has been hard at work and recently shared a couple of things that resulted from his efforts. First up is his new song & video, “Nowhereland.” The single was produced by LA Chase.
The production is unique. It consists of: a hushed infrastructure, subtle musical ingredients, a spacey tempo, and a peculiar vibe. The hook is intriguing. The delivery is effervescent and the lyrics are self-explanatory. The verses are non-orthodox. Cinco brandishes an out stretched flow, intermediate wordplay, and unwonted rhymes. He pens a distinct anthem centered around just being free and escaping from reality for a bit. A few memorable lines include: “And I am no longer the product of the all knowing, almighty dollar. So holla. But I will not hear you because I left real life in the rear view. I got a clear view, uninterrupted. Think I might be on to something. Got nothing to do and no one to please but myself. I drop down to my knees, yell please please hear me. Asking what I want so clearly. Hear ye oh mystical one. This is your loving and prodigal son.” Those are some inventive bars right there. All in all, this is a novel selection.

The video was directed by Luke Marlowe. It takes place on a mountaintop just outside of Los Angeles, CA. It’s cloaked in both black & white and colored hues. The concept just focuses on Cinco exploring and indulging in the picturesque surroundings. There are quirky special effects thrown into the mix that help bring to life the aura of the record. Cinco has some pretty fetching mannerisms at work too. The flick comes to an end with a close up shot of Cinco with his back turned and the view from the mountain behind him. Overall, this was a well crafted video.

**My Two Cents: Cinco took an interesting approach on this one. The curiousness of the style takes a second to get used to but it works. The production is original and the concept is relatable. Everyone has come to a point in life where they need to get away and regroup for a moment. The video was a nice fit. Los Angeles is a great city to go to for a vacation and the mountaintop was beautiful. The editing done on the visuals really made them eye-catching. Readers should certainly make some time to partake of both. -MinM

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