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Dee Phr3sh – Northern Lights Pack #1 (EP Review)

by Miracle

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“Woah” (previous review)

Milwaukee talent Dee Phr3sh recently sent over the first of a series of projects that he plans to release this year. It’s entitled Northern Lights Pack #1. He describes it as a song pack with three previously released singles and three fresh tracks. So it fits the parameter of an EP. The Illixer will break down a couple of the tracks that weren’t previously shared after the break.
“Aurora Borealis”
This is the very first record on the mini album. It was produced by Sango. The production here is valid. It is made up of: a robust bass, striking supporting elements, a lively rhythm, and a trendy vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is fetching and the lyrics are decent. The verses are sufficient. Dee Phr3sh serves up an eclectic flow, commendable wordplay, and solid rhymes. He gives the listener a taste of the cavalier side of his persona. Some lines to be aware of are: “I’m favorited. And hoes reply when I don’t even be saying s–t. Mothaf–ka they running after big s–t popping. That’s pedal to the metal. Keep ahead on my schedule. N—as be hating trying to take what you got. You never taking my spot. I’m renovating the top. (…) I ain’t politicking but we make these n—as wanna run. Got ’em losing control. Freshest n—as on the scene. F–k yo label it ain’t gold. F–k yo record it ain’t sold. Don’t nobody care. Squares trying to make it in the circle.” Those are some slick bars right there. Overall, this song is worth a spin or two and was a quality way to kick off the EP.
“FWM” F/ Genesis Renji
This track was produced by Esta. The production here is satisfactory. It incorporates a sample of “Latch” by Pop/Soul artists Disclosure & Sam Smith. The temperate foundation, melodious background components, passive gait, and buoyant vibe make for a rich blend. The hook is copacetic. The delivery is appealing and the lyrics are up to snuff. The verses are good. Dee Phr3sh handles his business on the first verse and Genesis Renji shines on the second. Both artists enlist entertaining flows, resourceful wordplay, and legitimate rhymes. The duo give colorful accounts of their dealings with the opposite sex. A sprinkling of lines worth highlighting from Dee Phr3sh include: “You stuck, what up. You can’t love enough. I lost f—king trust. So we just f–k and f–k crazy. You want to get out but you lazy. (…) I remember back when it was day one. You telling me you hoping that I stay round. You falling, reaching for me on your way down. But I don’t even see; I don’t even see why you feel you should f–k with me.” Those words portray quite the turbulent partnership. In the end, this is an estimable number.
**My Two Cents: Northern Lights Pack #1 is an apt project. The production is on-target and the content is modest. Dee Phr3sh owns his flow without question on every track. Lyrically though, certain songs are stronger than others. I think if he works just a little bit harder on keeping things consistently above standard, he’ll be just fine. I liked the EP as a whole and I think readers will too. So go ahead, scroll up, and press play. -MinM

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