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Cullen Flynn – “Diamond In The Rough” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

TTO EDIT 3 COLOR SPL(Photo By Cullen Flynn)

Cullen Flynn is an artist coming to the site out of Boston. He is affiliated with the #ThrowThemOnes Movement. He describes his sound as old school Hip-Hop with a modernized twist. He has a passion for representing the true foundation of the genre and crafts his lyrics accordingly. Hip-Hop is not all he dabbles in though. He also sings and plays the piano. Gotta love the versatility. Ultimately, he just wants to carve out his own little niche in music history. His latest offering is a mixtape coined Winding Roads. It is an 11 track project that includes a single called “Diamond In The Rough.” Get the goods on the track below.

“Diamond In The Rough” was produced by SFVibe. The production turned out cordially. It is comprised of: a plentiful base, free spirited background components, a median tempo, and an encouraging vibe. No hook is incorporated into this track. One isn’t needed though as the pacing is done fluently. The lone verse is adequate. Cullen Flynn presents an uniform flow, kosher wordplay, and perceptive rhymes. He vocalizes his struggles while at the same time letting it be known that he plans to rise above it all and keep moving forward. A few stirring lines include: “#ThrowThemOnes til the death. My closest friends said it best. Small group of talent and hustle that chose a dream over desk. (…) I reject failing my daughter. Thought of it makes me livid. Deserves the shirt off my back and the body that came with it. The pictures I paint vivid. (…) the main difference between me and the artists who harvest the same image. Like pages off a calendar. Ripping through all the challengers.” Those are some intimate bars right there. Overall, this is a deep sincere number.

Cullen also sent over a set of visuals to go along with the single. The video was directed by Daniel Sin. It has an effortless concept. The camera basically just follows Cullen as he takes a stroll throughout the city. There are a couple of  noteworthy performance scenes at work. One features Cullen going in while standing atop an elevated structure. Another, shows him up against a graffiti covered brick wall in the middle of a residential area. The scenes becomingly showcase the thriving spirit that Cullen has for his craft. The flick winds down with a glimpse of Cullen wandering away from the camera. All in all, this is a charming piece.

**My Two Cents: Cullen Flynn is a cool artist. He has a very easy going aura about him that makes him instantly likeable. I enjoyed both the song and the video. The production was complimentary and Cullen gave a solid contribution. His vulnerability lent a lot of genuineness to the record. The video was simple yet appropriate and it allowed the viewer to better absorb the music. I am glad that Cullen reached out and hope that this is just the start of his submissions to the site. -MinM

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