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Dee Phr3sh – “Woah”

by Miracle

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“Woah” (listen/download)

The Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene is ushering in a fresh wave of rising talent and word on the street is that newcomer Dee Phr3sh is leading the pack. Dee Phr3sh is a solo artist in his early twenties, who occasionally pairs up with fellow rapper Vonny Del Fresco as part of The ILLuminators duo. He got his start back in 2011 as a member of Team Euroclub alongside artists like SAFS Crew and the group formerly known as The Cranberry Show. Eventually, he felt it was time to venture out and release his own solo project. He dropped Glory Road and the rest is pretty much history from there.

Currently, he is preparing some new hits and videos for his supporters via a campaign dubbed the “SOULE Selections” series. Amongst which is a track titled “Woah.” The song was produced by Tony Pilgrim and mixed by the famed Pizzle. The production here is hot. It is made up of: a prominent base, trendy infectious musical components, an uptempo pace, and a lively vibe. The hook is potent too. The delivery is snazzy and the lyrics are contagious. The verses are winning. Dee Phr3sh exhibits a quick killer flow, masterly wordplay, and top-flight rhymes. He definitely gives a performance that will blow just about any listener away. A sampling of his lyrical prowess includes lines such as: “I’ve been working harder than these girls on Twitter for attention. Favorite in yo (…) unless you with the hopeless. Did I mention n—as like to hate in secret acting like I give a f–k. I just proceed to kill the game and throw my middle finger up. What’s up?” Those bars provide a beasty ending to the record. Overall, this offering is a certified banger.

**My Two Cents: Dee Phr3sh is a ridiculously talented individual. His flow is dynamic and he has a really enriching way with words. The fact that he is so young makes him that much more impressive. I agree that he is well on his way to joining the 414 elite. For more with Dee Phr3sh, readers can visit his Facebook Page above or check him out on Twitter. -MinM

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