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Illuminati Roundtable: Just Say No To Twitter Fingers

by Pooh Bailey

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Ever since Drizzy gave you that L, Rihmeek you, got a reputation for yourself now. Ranting at shows because you feel left out. Meek, your career is dying, you seem stressed out. Now you beefing with Wale, what is that about? I guess Meek Mill didn’t learn from the last time about posting his problems with other rappers on Social Media. Nicki Minaj’s current fling took to his Instagram to address Wale’s comments on The Breakfast Club. Basically Wale told the radio personalities that he is sort of a disgruntled employee. And Robert Rihmeek Williams decided to address his co-worker on Instagram ….



Listen Meek, I get it. You’re a real dude. You were really in these streets. You not no dweeb. Blah. Blah. Blah. Truth of the matter is, Meek you’re a sensitive thug who needs a hug, a mentor, and a career adviser. You said it best ‘gangstas move in silence’ and you are talking too much. The problem isn’t that you are talking too much, the problem is that you are talking and not saying anything. You started a fight with Aubrey the Care-Bear and got murdered like G-Baby from the movie, Hardball. Now you can’t do a show without some suburban kid picking on you. After your performance at TidalX1020, we were ready to let you back. However, you decided to give Wale some attention. First and foremost, nobody would have known what Wale had said if you hadn’t said anything. We don’t care about Wale like that. Second, never in my life have I been fired by my co-worker. You’re just an employee, Meek. You can’t fire nothing but those dumb ass tweets. And finally, stop sharing your emotions on social media. Instead of hopping on Instagram, you and some friends hop to a bar and talk crazy about folks over some patron shots, like normal people. Your career wouldn’t be on that Lindsay Lohan, if you just log out.

At the end of the day, your career will be saved. Simply because the kids have a short attention span. All you have to do is disappear for a while and come back with that fire. That simple. So go ride your bike. Go max out Nicki’s credit cards. Do whatever you want just stay out the limelight for a while. Have Rick Ross change your passwords to all your social media accounts and don’t tell you. So the next time your period is late and a rapper says something you don’t like, don’t react. Just go about your day. Don’t forget gangsters move in silence and you don’t talk a lot. And remember to just say no to Twitter fingers. –Pooh Bailey

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