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Collaboration Of The Week 4: Kaylee Crossfire & Kal’L – “No Competition”

by Miracle

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“No Competition” (preview)

The last week of Collaboration Month has come and gone. Seems like time just flew by, huh? The final week of the big venture included a little bit of everything and even featured an artist all the way from New York. But the East Coast was no match for Milwaukee’s own Kaylee Crossfire, who is the final winner of Collaboration Month. She teamed up with Kal’L for a brazen track titled, “No Competition.” The production here is impeccable. The heavy foundation coupled with the mixture of fluent secondary musical components creates a fierce vibe. The hook is first-class. The vocals are attractive and the lyrics pose a flippant yet intriguing question.

The verses are outstanding. Kaylee tackles the first portion. She flexes her multiple talents by leading with a vicious set of rhymes and then taking things down a notch with some harmonies. She definitely left her mark on this one. Kal’L takes on the second portion of the song. He taps into his more cocky side and stakes his claim on the R&B game in a daring and confident fashion. He too made his presence unforgettable. Kaylee and Kal’L both knock out the end of the track, confirming once and for all that they are a level above the rest. A few lines worth mentioning from Kaylee are: “They want to see what the fuss about. When Kaylee hit the stage, close ya mouth. Give me about a year. See what I put out. Cause I ain’t got no time to just f–k around! This is serious to me. I got mouths to feed. Haters to piss off cause it’s fun to me.” Kaylee means business in those bars right there. As a whole, this was a hot collaboration.

**My Two Cents: Gotta respect a female artist that can do it all. Kaylee definitely came with something different for her contribution to Collaboration Month, as she was the only artist who did both rapping and singing. And it’s always nice to hear the other side of Kal’L. Plus, he gets props for pushing himself outside of his comfort zone as he hasn’t quite fully embraced his other side yet. He likes being a nice guy. As a reminder, all of the songs from Collaboration Month are being released on a mixtape called, The Example. It drops on the 15th of this month and will be acknowledged via a special release party. Check the details here. -MinM

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