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Cezar – Heavy Hu$tle Promo

by Miracle

1781953_1485271405078684_1811195354122514701_n(Photo By Net DMI)

After creating much suspense and anticipation, Milwaukee artist Cezar (Check Chasers Mafia) finally revealed the release date for his upcoming mixtape Heavy Hu$tle (hosted by DJ Trill Will). It’s dropping on December 23rd, right in time for Christmas. What a great gift to give to his supporters. To elevate the buzz to new heights, he’s been dropping little nods to the tape left and right.

The featured graphic is one of said items. Also, he unleashed the prelude for the project. It’s labeled “Hustle Season” and runs just slightly over a minute in length. It’s set to a very street savvy production that includes: a stylish low key structure, fulfilling supporting details, a middling gait, and a cool vibe. Of course there is no hook used on this record. The lone verse is mint. Cezar contributes his trademark flow, fitting wordplay, and authentic rhymes. He does an A-1 job of setting the tone for ‘hustle season’ in an attractive way. All in all, this is an apt little prelude.

In addition to the artwork and song, there is also a trailer for the mixtape. It was put together entirely by DJ Trill Will and doubles as a visual accessory of sorts to the aforementioned prelude. It opens with a clip of Cezar decked out in his own brand speaking a few words about the upcoming collective. He drops the news that the guest list for the offering includes fellow 414 favorites Nu Money and Kia Rap Princess. Can you say pure heat? From there, Cez posts up in an idealistic Fall setting and just vibes out to the prelude. He gives a pretty magnetic performance. This continues on for the duration of the flick. The vision ends with an array of brief advertising shots. Overall, this is a choice promo visual.

**My Two Cents: I got the scoop on the release date during my visit to Check Chasers Radio, so this wasn’t as big of a surprise to me. But it’s still just as exciting. I think this is the hardest I’ve ever seen Cezar push a project. So I know that it’s going to be off the hook. Also, I gotta tip my hat to DJ Trill Will as well. He’s going hard for his artist and he did an impressive job on the video. I believe it’s his first serious go round in the videography department. Not bad at all. I’m looking forward to breaking my holiday music only tradition on December 23rd to bump the tape. Keep up with the provided links so that you don’t miss out. -MinM

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