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Camb – ONE (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Milwaukee’s own Camb kicked off 2015 by officially releasing his full length project, ONE. The album is described as a tale that chronicles the last two years of the 414 talent’s life. It is his testament of surviving his trials & tribulations which ultimately leads him to brighter days and an optimistic future. The effort contains 14 songs total along with a handful of notable guest appearances. Discover which pieces of Camb’s voyage stuck with the site the most after the break.


The production here is conventional. The low lying bass, subtle secondary details, measured tempo, and casual vibe make for a legitimate combination. The hook is decent. It is comprised of haunting vocals and ambiguous lyrics. The verses are satisfactory. Camb advances an uncluttered flow, befitting wordplay, and telling rhymes. He gives the listener a strong glimpse of his unwavering hunger to achieve great things in life. A couple of intriguing lines include: “Chasing a dream they saying that I can never reach. Trying to buy my mom that diamond necklace, cost a couple g’s. So what they saying it don’t mean a thing. I got goals to be on BET, MTV, and win Grammys. It’s like I’m standing right in front of success. But I forgot the key so I’m stuck on the steps. Close to the edge. Who would’ve known this life could make a person so depressed?” Those are some ambitious personal bars right there. Overall, this is a valid selection.

“So Right”

The production here is appealing. The grounded foundation, snazzy background elements, reserved pace, and neutral vibe result in a pleasing mixture. The hook is quality. The delivery is easy to follow and the lyrics are endearing. The verses are likable. Camb serves up a complimentary flow, choice wordplay, and purposeful rhymes. He does a fine job of taking the listener through a romantic scenario. An excerpt from his journey of love includes: “New kid on campus. I let you know it first. Girl I’m bout to blow. You can hear it in the verse. So baby what’s good? They say that girls love confidence. And I barely got in. But I talk like I got a scholarship. I know you love this. Well, I’m hoping so. I’m just praying she come to my room. And she just pray that I’m really in school.” Those lines right there provide a colorful beginning of a new relationship. All in all, this track is a winner.

“Notice” F/ Pizzle

The production here is sleek. The dark heavy core, savvy sinister musical components, creeping rhythm, and businesslike vibe match up perfectly together. The hook is catchy. The delivery is creative and the lyrics are real. The verses are first-rate. Both artists disperse distinct flows, gritty wordplay, and serious rhymes. They definitely ensure that whomever is listening will be forced to acknowledge their skills. Observe as Camb spits: “16 when I found out that I was the illest. Now watch how I get ’em. I was in the back of the class. Tired of being last. Picked up the pen and pad. And started writing like a f–king addict. Now I’m taking pictures with n—as’ b—hes that say they love my lyrics. And they begging me to smash it. But I ain’t with that. I’m bout my money and my team. Know you get that.” One has to enjoy the slightly arrogant nature of the hometown representer within those bars. It’s a nice change of pace from his typically more down to earth persona. As a whole, this single is a hit as well as a site favorite.

**My Two Cents: ONE is a solid offering in it’s entirety. The production is of a gratifying nature for the most part. Though it could have been a little more diverse. The content is admirable as well. Camb is a dope storyteller, no question. If he spruces up his bars just a bit by getting a tad more complex and stepping outside of the box, he has the potential to be a threat in the Hip-Hop game for sure. And the guest appearances are spot on. The number of features is just right and everyone holds their own. As far as debuts go, I believe ONE makes the cut. I think readers will agree. But go ahead and have a listen for yourselves to make a final decision. -MinM

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