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Camb – “Routine”

by Miracle

artworks-000096707304-nb1rz8-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Readers were put on to Milwaukee based artist Camb on an individual level back in July. He recently released some new music and decided to share it with the site. The latest record is coined “Routine” and was produced by iLuSiD with mixing done by Pizzle. The selection serves as the first single from Camb’s upcoming debut project, ONE.

The production here is finespun. The relaxed base, hushed supporting details, leisurely tempo, and mellow vibe result in a favorable mixture. The hook is dope. The delivery is savvy and the lyrics are magnetic. They represent the tone of the track very well: “We’ve been working all week. Stressing for the past few days. Just need a little of that drink to push it all away. So bring them girls through and them bottles. We gone turn up til we pass out. And all my n—as they on. We gone party til the morning comes.” Those words right there paint a fanciful situation. The verses are becoming. Camb dispenses a smooth flow, copacetic wordplay, and recreational rhymes. He stated that his purpose with this song was to give the people something to zone out to during their down time and he does just that. This song is precisely what the doctor ordered for those chill moments. A sprinkling of lasting lines include: “And I ain’t talked to moms in a while. And I ain’t been to church in a minute. She tell me that she think I’m getting wild. And I’ve been doing too much sinning. But I’m just trying to have a little fun with the homies. Heard times like this only here for the moment. So like a thief, I’m gone take it like I stole it. And my goals aligning like a forehead. I feel it’s time for a celebration. And I don’t really care about them hating.” Those are some stylish bars right there. As a whole, this is an apt little record.

**My Two Cents: I thoroughly enjoyed this track. The production makes for easy listening and the content matches up with it quite nicely. The hook is also seriously on point. The lyrics could have been a little more inventive. But that doesn’t take anything away from the song. It’s definitely deserving of being put into rotation. Looking forward to hearing what else ONE has to offer. Readers can keep up with Camb and his ever growing talent by checking him out on Facebook. -MinM

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