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MC New Kid – One Man Army (EP Review)

by Miracle

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With the overflow of artists on social media today, it’s easy to overlook some really talented people. But if one is lucky, there will always be someone around to help bring said talent to their attention. Thus how The Illixer came across MC New Kid (Props to JLS). MC New Kid is an affiliate of local faction Black Religion. He brands himself as a multi threat as he has experience in: music, events, and fashion. If he’s not immersed in something music based, one can find him deeply involved in his clothing brand JKPT. Recently, he released a project entitled One Man Army. It’s a short collective of seven songs with a few different producers and a solitary guest appearance. Dive into a few thoughts on the brief album after the break.

“Papa Was A Rolling Stone”

The production here is good. The solid infrastructure, energetic musical ingredients, groovy tempo, and natural vibe make for a worthwhile composite. The hook is on point too. The blended vocals work harmoniously together and the lyrics are forthright. The verses are first-class. MC New Kid offers up a personable flow, quality wordplay, and honest rhymes. He speaks on his relationship with his father in a candid fashion that many are sure to be able to connect with. Take note as he spits: “But I know that the struggle done made my style good. Mama and music the parents of my amusement since I was in little diapers. Father just couldn’t do it. My middle finger’s like f–k it. Cause nothing needs to be proven. Ya boy’s destined for greatness. He just don’t know what he losing. I’m choosing to live a better life. With better days and better nights.” Those are some very genuine bars right there. Overall, this song is a gem as well as a site favorite.

“The Throwback”

The production here is pleasant. The laid back foundation, easy going supporting details, mild mannered rhythm, and old school vibe are the ideal pairing. The hook is nice. The sampled vocals and original delivery are cohesive. The lyrics reflect the theme of the track fittingly. The verses are kosher. MC New Kid puts forth a magnetic flow, efficient wordplay, and exemplary rhymes. He definitely takes the listener back to the the time where Hip-Hop was in it’s Golden Era. A handful of memorable lines include: “Like dominoes everything is falling into place. And my destiny is calling me like yo Kid it’s time to go. I’m on the road trying to be just on the road. Rocking in different places, just performing with all my bros. I got my king’s crown. About to sit up on the throne. It’s Kid baby, man the one that’s about to blow.” Those are some nifty final bars right there. All in all, this is another shining record.


The production here is satisfying. The smooth bass-line, discreet background elements, mellow gait, and down to earth vibe are a real treat for the ears. The hook is adequate. The execution is prime and the lyrics are charming. The verses are likable. MC New Kid presents a conversational style flow, valid wordplay, and becoming rhymes. He lays it all on the line as he kicks game to a member of the female persuasion. A highlight from his discourse includes: “What if I wrote the best poem I ever wrote? You love me forever and ever and told me never let go. How that sound? Just tell me maybe cause maybe’s better than no. Rather ponder upon that thought and imagine that it were true. I’m just saying. Are we playing? Just dipping feet in the sand, sipping punch. (…) A role model for something greater than I that can understand. I’m a testament to this test. If I pass it than I’m the man.” Any lady would be able to appreciate the thoughtful and sentimental aspects of those bars right there. As a whole, this track is certainly deserving of a spin or two.

**My Two Cents: One Man Army is an up to par offering. The production is tight. It’s not over saturated with features. And MC New Kid gives the listener lots of diverse content. He has a real and organic essence to his style. Nothing feels forced or fraudulent. If he adds just a bit more flair to his lyrics and experiments more with mediums like storytelling, he’ll elevate himself even further. I definitely think readers should check out One Man Army in it’s entirety for themselves. I promise it’s time well spent. -MinM

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