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Camb F/ K.I.D. & Dee Phr3sh – “Shh…”

by Miracle

artworks-000100140223-6gwqhw-t500x500(Photo By Justin J Lewis)

Camb has released the second official single from his upcoming project ONE. It’s a collaborative effort that features fellow rappers K.I.D. and Dee Phr3sh. “Shh…” is the name of the tune that the trio created. It is produced by French and has some of the dopest artwork to grace the site in a while.

The production here is toned down yet seriously on point. The plush foundation, polished background elements, mellow rhythm, and breezy vibe make for a very pleasing blend. The hook is solid. The delivery is transparent and the lyrics are endearing. The verses are sparkling. Camb handles the first verse, K.I.D. takes on the second, and Dee Phr3sh rounds out the third. All three artists exercise mild melodic flows, gratifying wordplay, and companionable rhymes. The fellas do an admirable job of making the selected ladies on their radars feel special. A handful of standout lines from Camb include: “She ride for a n—a. Match my steeze. Man she fly with a n—a. If things go down, she’ll die for a n—a. And she done heard every single lie from a n—a. But she here. And she know I’m up next like a bid. Before we take naps like a comb in the head. We be laying in the bed talking about success. Millionaire minds that’s how we connect.” Those words right there definitely describe the ideal chic in an almost perfect romantic situation. Camb nailed that opening. All in all, this record is a jewel.

**My Two Cents: This is my favorite submission from Camb thus far. The production is nice on the ears and the content is finely crafted. The guys really hone in on the theme of the single and give it a strong lyrical representation. A video for this would be pretty clutch. ONE is scheduled for release on New Year’s Day. It’s shaping up to be a great way to kick off 2015. Keep up with Camb on Facebook for future details and releases pertaining to the project. -MinM

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