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Loud Management Presents: #ISupport Volume 3 – B.U.

10305169_234727983364423_1825522825952008927_n(Photo By Bizal McLoud)

#ISupport Volume 1 (listen/download)

#ISupport Volume 2 (listen/download)

Haven’t heard from BlackWorld Music Group front man B.U. in quite some time now here on the site. So it was very cool to see that he was a part of the upcoming #ISupport Volume 3 project. He’s been working on music with other local talents such as 40Mil. A product of which includes singles & videos such as “Raw/I Just Lied.” He’s also been killing stages left and right for various events & shows.

His addition to the pending mixtape is a track called “Break Shoulders.” The eccentric rapper had this to say about the tune: “The song I chose as my #ISupport entry is produced by myself and contains samples from Coheed & Cambria’s ‘Keeping The Blade.’ This is one of those songs inspired by the general feeling of wanting to show the world my verbal versatility. The structure of the song is unorthodox. I believe my first verse is 32 bars & the second verse is 24. Just having fun with words like usual.”

B.U. Defines Support As: “My definition of support is to be able to speak highly on the behalf of an artist or song without being forced into it. To genuinely want people to hear this song or artist because you want to. Because you get a feeling unlike anything any other song or artist has ever given you. To do it no matter the artist or song popularity depth. To be asked to support, automatically turns it into a chore.”

The song sounds like it’s going to be another captivating and creative notch on the forthcoming tape. And that is a wonderfully expressed interpretation of the term support. Definitely gotta give it up to B.U. for his dope insight. To continue to keep up with him, readers can hit like on his Facebook Page as well as follow him on Twitter. In fact, he’s offering to release fresh new material if his Facebook Page reaches 1,000 likes. So it could definitely pay off to get those numbers up. Be sure to peep the flyer for the mixtape release event details if you haven’t already as well. -MinM

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