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Blizz McFly – MMXII: Year of the Elite (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Band Camp)

MMXII: Year of the Elite (listen/download)

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Milwaukee emcee Blizz McFly is generating a lot of noise with his new project. MMXII: Year of the Elite contains 11 fresh and original tracks. Two of which were used as promotional items and are linked above. Also, Milwaukee is well represented via the guest appearances of familiar names like Klassik and the sounds of local producers like GREAT. So is MMXII: Year of the Elite worthy of all of the accolades it’s been receiving? Continue reading after the break to find out.

“Soon 2B 23”

This track was produced by Blizz himself. It turned out pretty well. The production here is of premium quality. It features low smooth components set to a leisurely rhythm that give off a chill vibe. The hook is not utilized often as it is a shorter song but it definitely stands out. The delivery has a lot of personality to it and the lyrics are creative. There is only a single verse on this cut but it is excellent.  Blizz exhibits a consistent flow, advanced wordplay, and slick rhymes. He presents a very respectable intro for the mixtape. Peep it as he spits: “I’m on my bull s–t but repping Wisconsin. Young king I do my thing and get respect like ya highness. Had a dollar and a dream. Now I’m filling my pockets full of that profit. Don’t knock it. Tell ’em to stop it. It’s that hustle in me.” Just a couple of lines but they reflect the cleverness of Blizz. Overall, this song is a banger and a strong way to kick off the tape.

“All Around The World”

The production here was done courtesy of the one and only GREAT. He did the beat justice. The hushed tone with the distinct instrumentation creates a unique sound and vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery falls a little flat and the lyrics are simple. With more life and spiced up lyrics, the hook would be a lot better. The verses on the other hand are good. There is still a calm nature present but Blizz has some charisma to his flow, pointed wordplay, and adequate rhymes. He gives off a suave demeanor while speaking on how he gets down in this Hip-Hop game. Striking lines include: “Gotta get it on your own. Can’t float for free. That’s why they talk money when approaching me. So cash me or pass me. Low key never been too flashy. Got your main dame trying to harass me.  Cause I blow smoke like Apache. She last week. Got a new one with a cute face. I could use some. She a dog always trying to chew something. So good had to let her give the crew something.” There is some boss spitting going on in those lines. In the end, this song is decent. The hook could stand to be reworked but the rest of the track shines.

“End Of The Beginning”

This is the last cut on the tape. GREAT once again showed off his expertise as a producer. The production here is winning. It is composed of dramatic musical ingredients that give off an intense vibe. No hook is executed on this track and it works out fine. The prolonged verse is dope. Blizz has an engaging flow and savvy rhymes. He provides a very impressive ending for the tape. Take notice as he spits: “Cause I don’t play boy. But you would think I’m Hugh Hefner’s son. Full of that heavy metal. I’m hotter than screaming kettles. These rappers more like Geppetto. You’ll find me on higher levels. Somebody go grab a shovel. I’m burying n—as. The scariest figures just been haunted like Carrie the picture.” Love the referencing that was done in these lines. All in all, this song is a hit and a very suitable way to close out the project.

My Two Cents: MMXII: Year of the Elite does deserve all of the praise it’s been getting. Blizz McFly came with first-class content for the most part. Some hooks and parts could use a little tune up but nothing too major. The guest appearances were fitting. And the production was satisfactory. Also, the tape as a whole is just varied enough to appeal to more than one type of listener. So readers should definitely hit up Band Camp and check it out if they haven’t already. And don’t forget to show Blizz some love on Twitter. Stay tuned to the site. There is some content on the way from Blizz’s SAFS Crew family. -MinM

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