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Blizz McFly F/ GREAT – “Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll”

by Miracle

(Photo By GREAT)

“Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll”

Blizz McFly is an artist here in Milwaukee who doesn’t need much introduction. He has a new project approaching titled MMXII: Year of the Elite. Thus, he has began circulating a lively new single called “Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll” that includes production and a feature from his good friend GREAT. The production here is insane but in a positive way. It incorporates a lot of intense musical elements with an uptempo pace and a hyper vibe. The hook is something special too. The delivery is unique, animated, and the selling point for the hook. The lyrics are just the title repeated. The verses are hot. Blizz holds up the beginning and end of the track, while GREAT keeps things moving in the middle. The duo handle the chaotic beat well. Each talent brings a fresh flow, quick wordplay, and grade A rhymes. Both convey proof of why they are good at what they do in a passionate manner. Noteworthy lines from Blizz include: “Hold up! N—as said I couldn’t rap. How funny is that? I hit my homie GREAT. Told him lend me a track. A hundred miles and gunning we run all over the map. Somebody tell ’em I’m coming. So gone throw that Blizz on replay. I balls no Rawlings. Games like EA.” Blizz snapped in those lines. Overall, this song is a banger. GREAT provided a one of a kind production that goes hard and Blizz went in. Bottom line, this is not a track to sleep on. But the link is up there, let your own ears decide. MMXII: Year of the Elite drops July 13, 2012.

**My Two Cents: This track definitely grabs you from the moment it comes on, the beat is crazy. Much kudos to GREAT. Blizz handled his business too. He has a dope style, consistent flow, and a likeable way with words. I enjoyed this cut and I think readers will too. Listen to more of Blizz’s music here and catch him on Twitter. GREAT can be found on Twitter as well. -MinM

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