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Taiyamo Denku & Agartha Audio – Quadrofiendia (Album Review)

by Miracle

(Photo By Taiyamo Denku & Agartha Audio)


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Taiyamo Denku has been making  a lot of waves lately at various local venues by killing the mic with his impressive off the cuff freestyles. To add to the buzz, Denku dropped his much talked about project Quadrofiendia last week. As a refresher, the album is a collaboration with producer Agartha Audio and was released via Uncommon Records. It’s a 15 track offering of Denku’s special brand of Hip-Hop. There are also some legit guest appearances from the likes of: Sadat X, Masai Bey, and more. Since no one can quite come up with a set definition for the word Quadrofiendia, lets let the music speak for itself.

“Here Lies Lyricism”

The production here is on point. The bass driven beat with the occasional instrumentation creates a smooth chill vibe. The hook is sufficient. The delivery is clear and easy to follow. The vocals were a nice touch and Denku feeds off of them well. The lyrics are intriguing. The verses are up to par. Denku displays a bold flow, intricate wordplay, and intense rhymes. He takes an unconventional approach to show off his abilities to the listener. Striking lines include: “Play a game without rules. Street ball without Wesley. Made ham with no frenzy. New Years with no party. A comic without Archie. Jaguar no Atari. Fight an anaconda in safari. F–k playing Jumanji. You got dogs, I’ll bring Benji. If ya style’s picture perfect, I’ll break ya Fiji.”  There is pure genius in those lines right there. Overall, this song is a raw and original selection for the beginning of the album.

“Dead Memory”

The production here is ace. It contains a low pitch, discreet musical elements, and a calm vibe. The hook is fair. The delivery is fine but would have been better without the warped like effect. The lyrics are non-complex and executed through repetition. They could have been just a tad more innovative though to match the cleverness of the rest of the song. The verses are great. Denku offers up a relaxed flow, smart wordplay, and impressive rhymes. He paints expressive images through his words that really leave an impact on the listener. Peep it as he spits: “Pound my fists on concrete slabs. Blood between cracks. Emotion acts as a barrier. Blockade the facts. (…) I’m waiting for my Scary Movie, Denku and Anna Faris. Integrity perished. Fallen like Denzel. Tie a cowbell on your girl and take her to show and tell.”  Again, one has to respect Denku’s skillfulness with words. In the end, this song is a winner. The hook could have been better but the verses more than make up for it.

“Off With Their Heads”

This song opens with a brief clip featuring some creepy vocals at work. The production here is premium. It contains a variety of heavy hitting components that come together and give off an ominous vibe. There is no actual hook. The song title is simply referenced in the middle of the track. The singular verse that is present is first-rate. Denku brings a sinister sounding flow and hardcore rhymes. With lines such as: “Face to face no comment. I’m a full course meal. You rappers are condiments. Verses that prove dominance. Rewrite the New Testament,” Denku hits the listener with a full helping of his signature word manipulation and puzzles. He does fantastic work. All in all, this song is a hit.

“Suicide Bomb”

This is another track that opens with a clip. It’s a curious piece about properly handling an explosive device. The production here is fire. It contains a rhythmic tempo, groovy musical ingredients, and a down to earth vibe. The hook is proper. The delivery is engaging and the lyrics are direct. The verses are top notch. Denku switches up his flow a bit and drops exceptional rhymes. He cunningly portrays an individual who is blowing up the industry with real and genuine Hip-Hop via lines like: “Down the street I wander deep undercover. Bomb undercovers, no one suspected. This is for those who disrespect the respected.” Crazy mental picture, right? Overall, this song is another hit and the favorite off of the album.

**My Two Cents: There is no question that Denku has a one of a kind style. He is an unusual and seriously metaphorical rhymer and his flow is very distinct. For that reason, his music may not be for everybody. With that said, Quadrofiendia is a gratifying project. Denku has an incredible way with words and a style that is reminiscent of old school Hip-Hop. His music is about lyricism and that is a rare but welcome find these days. Sometimes he goes a little too left field with things but that’s not the end of the world. Agartha Audio did a prime job with the production too. Every track has it’s own flavor and fits the content well. I think readers should open their minds and at the very least preview the album via Band Camp. Learn more about Denku via the Uncommon Records website. -MinM

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