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Taiyamo Denku & Agartha Audio F/ Craig G & Sadat X – “Road Is Ruff”

by Miracle

(Photo By Taiyamo Denku & Agartha Audio)

“Road Is Ruff”

Taiyamo Denku is an accomplished emcee here in Milwaukee. He is a very versatile individual who has worked hard to master all aspects of emceeing from freestyling to storytelling. But what really stands out is his skillful manipulation of words when he spits on a track. His resume boasts numerous and major accomplishments including: three solo albums, multiple albums with his group W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D.S., collaborations with some impressive names in the game like Keith Murray, and much more. His unique complex approach to things makes him a little different than your average rapper but he is okay with that. Denku wants his music to challenge listeners and make them think. At the moment, he is gearing up to drop another album in June with Agartha Audio via Uncommon Records, called Quadrofiendia (awesome title). The duo leaked a track early for fans titled “Road Is Ruff” and it’s getting some positive feedback. Click the jump for a break down of the single.

The production here was done by Agartha Audio. It contains sampled guitars, organs, bass, piano, and programmed drums. It all sounds excellent too and gives off an edgy sort of vibe. So much respect to Agartha Audio. The hook is on point as well. Denku handles the hook. He has a lively delivery and pointed lyrics. The verses are premium too. Craig G opens up with the first verse, Denku himself knocks out the second, and Sadat X shuts it down with the third and final verse. All three rappers came with one of a kind flows, savvy wordplay, and intense creative rhymes. They all did a compelling job of sharing their honest thoughts/feelings as it pertains to the Hip-Hop industry. All in all, this track is a hit. It has an original sound and captivating quality content. What more could you ask for from a dope Hip-Hop record?

**My Two Cents: I love artists who operate outside of the box so to speak. It’s refreshing to hear music that makes you think, goes against the norm, etc. And Taiyamo Denku certainly fits into that description. His style and sound are like nothing else out there. The game needs more innovative artists like that and less gimmicks. So much love to him for sharing the track and to Agartha Audio for his blessings on the review. Stay tuned for more with Denku, as the release date for Quadrofiendia continues to draw near. -MinM

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