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Malik Ferraud – “Clouds”

by Miracle

DMV artist Malik Ferraud just dropped a brand new video for a single off of his current project, Damn. The song he selected to bring to life is a track called “Clouds.” The single is a subdued piano driven number that features a reflective tone. Check out the visuals below.



This video was shot, edited, and directed by In House Films. The video opens with a brief yet deep statement. From there, things give way to Malik doing his thing outdoors surrounded by beautiful bodies of water.  In between the main scenes, are other shots of nature and glimpses of the city. So the viewer gets to see everything from people traveling by boat to groups of large wide buildings with clean architecture. All of the frames transition seamlessly and there are some nice subtle effects at work. The video ends with a gorgeous view of a sunset and a little bit of advertising. This was a pleasant video to watch.

**My Two Cents: I liked the vibe of this video. It went perfectly with the track. The whole nature/outdoors theme was a good idea. However, I feel this piece could have been a little more versatile. For example, there is a quick look of Malik chilling on a grassy hill type of area. Something more could have been done with that. Like he could be shown brainstorming and writing while sitting in the grass. But this is still a solid video and readers should take a peek. Then head on over to Twitter and show Malik Ferraud some love. -MinM

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