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BlanQ – Rhythm & Poetry (EP Review)

by Miracle

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Rhythm & Poetry EP (listen/download)

SAFS Crew affiliate and Milwaukee emcee BlanQ released a brand new EP last month. The EP has been dubbed Rhythm & Poetry and it features eight new tracks for fans’ listening pleasure. A little research revealed that BlanQ produced all of the tracks on this project himself. That is pretty fly. So how did everything turn out with him pulling double duty? Click the jump and let’s see.

“My Legacy”

The production here is proper. It contains a healthy bass, mid-tempo pace, and a couple of graceful secondary elements. The hook is solid. The delivery is interesting and the lyrics are repetitive yet catchy. The verses are fierce. BlanQ dishes out an unique flow, good wordplay, and genuine rhymes. He portrays a vivid self-portrait through his words and details. He shares: “I catch ’em lurking on the backside. Ain’t moving and I know what they doing right. Trying to catch me cause I’m White. Profiling on the block cruise around all night. It’s getting hard being nice. I say f–k what they doing. They trying to check me out cause they think that I been moving all these drugs that they perusing for. But I’m more Pauly Shore. I ain’t got s–t. So what the f–k you searching for?” BlanQ went hard on the second verse. Overall, this song is a smash and the favorite off of the EP.

“Excuse Me Miss”

The production here is choice. It has a lot of old school Hip-Hop style components and gives off a laid back tone. The hook is great. The delivery is lively. The lyrics are bold and memorable. The verses are top of the line. BlanQ  embodies a magnetic flow, polished wordplay, and flawless rhymes. He does a remarkable job of utilizing the art of story-telling on this joint. Check it as he spits: “From the sun up to sun down that bass stay up on pound. They see me they look down. That’s why I don’t stay round. Catch me in the whip cruising the town. Til I caught this lady steady staring at me. Motion over the shoulder. I’m stopping over to see. Looking devilishly, saying I should just quity. There’s no way I’ll ever get up out of the city.” That was a very entertaining way to describe a situation. This song is another hit and favorite.

“You Ain’t Gotta Lose Your Mind”

The production here is modest. It is comprised of light musical ingredients and a down to earth tone. The hook is fair. The delivery and vocals are sufficient. The lyrics are straightforward. The verses are satisfactory. BlanQ possesses a casual flow and fine rhymes. He presents some intriguing personal ideas and sentiments to the listener in a free-spirited fashion. In the end, this song is worthy of a listen or two. Not the best song on the EP but it has some appeal.

**My Two Cents: Rhythm & Poetry is a noteworthy EP. BlanQ brings something different to the table. He has an original flow and he is a pretty skillful rhymer as well. He did his thing with the production too. He captured a variety of styles and kept things stimulating. And using a pure poem for the final cut was a pleasant touch. His music may not be for everyone but readers should for sure take a chance and give the EP a try. For more with BlanQ, readers can find him on Facebook. -MinM

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