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Lyrically Poetic – “Misunderstood” (Poem)

by Miracle

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Lyrically Poetic is a whimsical and creative soul with origins in Virginia. She got into poetry at the age of 14 and has recently gone on to uniquely combine her love of the art form with music. This combination is described as “flowetry.” She feels the pairing gives her music a certain deepness and thus has the ability to reach others in a variety of ways. It was also the inspiration for her moniker. Miss Poetic had this to say about her work: “I would describe my writing style as descriptive and colorful when need be. I write about experiences in my life and things that have truly made an impact so that full emotion is experienced in my writings. I find it best to write poetry when you’re emotional.” Her first submission to the site is a piece titled “Misunderstood.” Find it after the break.


(Poem By Lyrically Poetic)

 Alone in this world is what I feel I’ve only ever known,

misunderstood, no good, but brought up in a decent neighborhood
surrounded and enclosed by loving family and friends,
but yet still feeling so desolate and lost in the end.
Why would one go on feeling this way,
when the world was left at my fingertips from the beginning of my days?
Understanding my beauty, my uniqueness goes unseen.
All they see is permanently marked skin, of which I consider expressive art, and they consider mindless sin.

 For every book is not the same unless you judge it by its cover

Never knowing the contents within, if shes a sister, or possibly a mother.
Closed minds do nothing but suffer, from a dark and dismal world that has no color, black and white and shades of gray
Why the hell would you continue to live in such a way?
Free your mind and take time to understand things around you
its only scary until you’ve found what it is that’s really true
Thinking different isn’t thinking wrong
But thinking I’m wrong for being different is why we don’t get along.

The concept of this poem centers around the themes of lack of acceptance and being closed-minded. These are issues that Poetic has had to struggle with in dealing with the rest of world due to her eccentric personality. She shared: “The meaning behind this poem is basically my point of view in a world that doesn’t seem to accept me for WHO I am. I was adopted, raised in a middle class family, have great manners; but because I look different, have tattoos, and am out of what some people call “the norm” I get judged before someone gets to know me.” Poetic conveys her message through eloquent wording and a thought provoking tone. The result is a wonderfully constructed piece.

**My Two Cents: This is probably my favorite original poem shared on the site thus far. It has genuine meaning and a lot of people out there can relate to the place it came from. Too many times we hear stories of people being labeled as outcasts or weirdos because they don’t follow the trends of society. Which is very unfortunate. Everyone should feel the freedom to be themselves without being ridiculed. This was a great way to call attention to the issue. Thanks to Lyrically Poetic for sharing! -MinM


lady fusion August 7, 2012 - 9:14 am

Very dope message. Yes a lot can relate be it via creed, race, religion, etc. And the timing is perfect.. Best of luck… Keep it up. I think our hip hop scene needs more poets. People that can take words from an emotional standpoint-requiring that energy & THOUGHT.. Less freestyling & garbage bars.. More soulful lyrics from within .. Give it more substance n meaning and you will have a better product/outcome.. 🙂

Young Kropes August 12, 2012 - 7:23 pm

This poem was very inspiring. I think alot of people can relate to this including myself. Well written.


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