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BlackWorld At The Spot – A Sinista New Breed Production

by Miracle

(Photo By Tha Spot Facebook)

This past Saturday (2/11) saw another big event at local Milwaukee venue Tha Spot. The Young Urban Society and Sinista New Breed tried something new this time around. They welcomed a live band to the venue that goes by the name of Martians On Rooftops. But you know they had to throw in some quality rap music as well. So they also had BlackWorld Music Group on deck to rip up the mic. And the homie Sinista caught it all on camera. Check it out below as he captures: guests hanging out, other local artists showing support, and the members of BlackWorld Music getting it in.

It should be noted that DJ Cell held it down on the one’s and two’s. And Sinista also doubled as a host for the event. Way to multitask Sin! On another note, Big Fab and B.U. of BlackWorld Music did their thing. They had crazy energy and the crowd seemed to be loving them. So good job fellas! Looks like another successful positive evening at Tha Spot.

**My Two Cents: Looks like everybody came together and had a good time. Which is a great and rare thing to see in Milwaukee. So props to Sinista, the Young Urban Society, and Tha Spot for making it happen once again. Also, respect to Sinista on the high quality video, very dope. And congrats to Big Fab and B.U. on a strong performance, way to hold it down for Milwaukee Hip-Hop. -MinM

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