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J Hyphen F/ Fame – “Place Your Order”

by Miracle

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“Place Your Order” F/ Fame

Kenny Burtin aka J Hyphen is a budding emcee who was born and raised right here in Milwaukee. J Hyphen was raised up on R&B and Hip-Hop music and as a result was influenced by a wide range of artists from Al Green to Ice Cube. Hyphen picked up a pen for the first time at the tender age of 12 and his foray into music progressed from there. He has performed at several local venues throughout the city, as well as worked with a variety of local artists and producers. Operating under his family based company/brand Burtin Music Works (B.M.W.), J Hyphen also has an interest in: writing, acting, producing, philanthropy, and more. J Hyphen’s ultimate goal with his music is to make a positive impact on the community and serve as an example that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. Currently, he is busy working on promoting his new single “Place Your Order” which was produced by Ill Muzik Beats.

The production here is good. It contains a strong bass, some light sound effects, and a nice club vibe. The hook is solid. The vocals are decent and the lyrics are simple yet quality. The verses are fair, J Hyphen and Fame do a respectable job. Both came with smooth deliveries and commendable lyrics. Hyphen handles the first and last verses, while Fame takes care of the second verse. The gentleman showed off their game as they spent time chatting up an attractive female. Any lady could be easily persuaded to have a drink or two with the fellas. Overall, this track is worth giving a spin. It would be a good one to turn on while getting ready for a night out. But as always, readers are encouraged to play the track for themselves.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a cool track. Fame has a nice singing voice and J Hyphen has satisfactory rhymes. Looking forward to hearing more from the aspiring Milwaukee emcee. – MinM

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