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Ay-Rock F/ Eastman Osborne – “For You”

by Miracle

artworks-000083380845-tz0y81-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Back in December readers were introduced to an individual who goes by the name of Ay-Rock. He was getting things in motion for his next project RTG (Ready To Go) and is still hard at work. His team over at Technology Records sent over a couple of new releases from him that will be shared with the site. The first is a single called “For You.” It entails a guest appearance from singer/songwriter Eastman Osborne and was produced by SuperStarO.

The production here is invigorating. The finespun base, sprightly musical details, feel good tempo, and optimistic vibe make for a seriously contagious combination. The hook is superior. Eastman’s vocals are heavenly and the lyrics are enchanting. The verses are first-class. Ay-Rock presents an ardent flow, compatible wordplay, and sterling rhymes. He does an excellent job of conveying the mind set of an individual chasing a dream who is motivated by the support of those around them as well as the will to be successful. A handful of quote worthy lines include: “Running in this race just like I got something to prove. Been here for a minute. Now I know I paid my dues. I’m a vet. But they don’t even know about it. Still trying to figure out how I’m a go about it. The only thing I know that I’m a do it with my team. Cause we all trying to win. And we all got a dream. Put it all together and we working like machines for the root of all evil. Just to get up on the scene.” Those bars right there are laced with nothing but real talk. All in all, this offering is a smash.

**My Two Cents: This was a really well done selection. The production was refreshing and the content was super easy to connect with. Also, Eastman Osborne murdered the hook. He was a great fit for the record. If readers enjoyed “For You” they should visit the link at the beginning of the post and see what else Ay-Rock has in his arsenal. Additionally, there will be more new music coming to the site. So don’t forget to check back. -MinM

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