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W!LL & Malik White – “ACTiON BRiNSON”

by Miracle

Ignorant Nostalgia Demo(Photo By Sound Cloud)

W!LL is a young talent from the East Coast, New Jersey to be exact. Not too long ago he joined forces with another talent and someone he considers a good friend who goes by the name of Malik White. White happens to be repping for the great state of Texas. The pair have decided to create a joint project labeled Ignorant Nostalgia. Their first taste of what is to come from the collective can be heard in their newly released single “ACTiON BRiNSON.”
The production is based off of a sampled beat and is handled by Dubb Da 23rd. Dubb happens to be putting on for Texas too. The production turned out fetchingly. The conventional structure, unique groovy components, mellow pace, and lax vibe mesh harmoniously. The hook is of a four star quality. The delivery is trendy and the lyrics are hard to forget. The verses are copacetic. The fellas serve up personalized flows, witty wordplay, and effective rhymes. They do an adequate job of giving the listener a bit of insight into their characters. A series of lines to keep an ear out for are: “Said I’m king of my city. My n—a where’s my crown? I feel like Biggie back in ’94. Except a n—a kinda broke. So I can’t wine and dine a hoe. But they still love me. And a brother nice at rhyming, so. I’m feeling real lucky. Cause a couple b—hes still f–k me. But I feel like this rapping s–t is real life. My papa told me don’t do anything if it don’t feel right.” That was a neat set of bars right there. Overall, this is a kosher collaboration.
**My Two Cents: This was a cool little connection between two different regions. I like the way W!LL and Malik White feed off of one another. They both have a pleasing style and are fairly decent with the pen. The track was entertaining. The beat was good, the hook was colorful, and the content had a nice chill factor about it. Could’ve been just a smidge stronger lyrically though to make the verses really pop. As a whole, the pair certainly have something going for them. I would be interested in hearing more in the future. -MinM

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