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The fellas of Dynamic Equilibrium have officially taken on a new moniker. They now go by the name of Gem CoDE. Interesting yet cool change up. Under their new title, they are pushing a collaboration coined “Complex.” It features appearances from fellow artists Sadat X (Brand Nubian) & Audible Doctor (Brown Bag All Stars). It is to serve as a sample of their growth and it also happens to be the third release off of their pending effort, Formula 9DE.


J-R-Rah (Money Made Musick) is a Hip-Hop artist with origins right here in Milwaukee. He got his start rhyming at the young age of 12. He garners inspiration from the likes of: 2 Pac, N.W.A, Jay Z, and more. Over the course of the years, he has spent time trying to perfect his craft and edge his way into the mainstream part of the music industry. He has dropped a couple of mixtapes as well as created a significant buzz for himself due to his swagged out style. He recently took a few minutes out of his ambitious schedule to chop it up with Life + Music =. Take a peek after the break.

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Haven’t had the homie Rich P. on the site musically since the beginning of the year. Lately, he’s been teasing his supporters on social media with snippets of upcoming releases for 2016. In keeping with said campaign, he slipped The Illixer an exclusive clip to check out. Figured readers might want to hear it as well and thus decided to leak it.

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**Editor’s Note: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Illixer supporters! I hope that everyone has a safe and fun filled time this holiday season. Enjoy all of your gifts and quality time with your loved ones. Be sure to knock back a glass of eggnog or two as well. Be careful if you take yours with a little special twist though (lol). Thank you for hanging with us for yet another festive season. We truly appreciate and have love for all of those who faithfully hold us down. Cheers!

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Rue The Poet enjoyed his last feature so much that he decided to throw a very special release the site’s way. It’s of a spiritual nature and stems from a dark time in the artist’s life that took place about three years ago this month. He had lost his source of employment with a potential baby on the way. Financial hardships are never easy. Then on top of that, he lost a very close personal friend & mentor in a tragic car accident. The death of a loved one is always tough to handle. But for it to happen during the holiday season and during a time when everything else is seemingly going down hill, it has to be overwhelming to say the least. Due to the encouragement and generosity of a another good friend, Rue was able to channel all of his painful sentiments and heavy thoughts into music. Thus the record “God Touched (Dear Summer Freestyle)” was born. He has sat on this record for some time now but felt moved to share his story this holiday season.