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Gem CoDE F/ Sadat X & Audible Doctor – “Complex”

by Miracle

artworks-000135725433-hp68ak-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

The fellas of Dynamic Equilibrium have officially taken on a new moniker. They now go by the name of Gem CoDE. Interesting yet cool change up. Under their new title, they are pushing a collaboration coined “Complex.” It features appearances from fellow artists Sadat X (Brand Nubian) & Audible Doctor (Brown Bag All Stars). It is to serve as a sample of their growth and it also happens to be the third release off of their pending effort, Formula 9DE.

The production here is vintage. The traditional base, old school style musical components, lax rhythm, and indifferent vibe make for a desirable combination. The hook is decent. It is actually an ode of sorts to Sadat X and his notable history. It plays on a previous collaboration that he did with the legendary KRS-One entitled “Blow Up The Spot.” The scratching and sampled clips work nicely together. The verses are respectable. The emcees each hold their own with personalized flows, legitimate wordplay, and essential rhymes. There is certainly a sense of evolving but the educational factor that is typically found in the group’s tunes is still present as well. And that is what makes this record so dope. An example of which is made evident in lines such as: “So complex, 99% of y’all won’t understand my content. So I’m on the underground covered by that cement. Real motherf—a speaking what they trying to prevent. Oh now I’m a con because I use my first amendment. I advise you never disobey the 12th commandment. Thou shall not f–k with South-side Alpha. Kick through your door and just drop ya. Ya frail. I never gave a f–k how you feel.” Those are some forceful opening bars right there. As a whole, this third selection from Formula 9DE definitely pans out as a charm.
**My Two Cents: The name change was a bit unexpected, especially in the midst of a new project campaign, but I’m digging this Gem CoDE transition so far. “Complex” is a valid song. The production is full of nostalgic elements and the content is reminiscent of the origins of Hip-Hop. All of the artists convey a message in more ways than one. Which lends to multiple opportunities to reel in listeners. Can’t go wrong with that approach. I think readers should give it a chance. Be sure to check out the link at the start of the review as well to keep up with the fellas as they embark on their new journey. -MinM

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