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Rue The Poet – “God Touched (Dear Summer Freestyle)”

by Miracle

Attach1821_20151223_224642(Photo By Rue The Poet)

Rue The Poet enjoyed his last feature so much that he decided to throw a very special release the site’s way. It’s of a spiritual nature and stems from a dark time in the artist’s life that took place about three years ago this month. He had lost his source of employment with a potential baby on the way. Financial hardships are never easy. Then on top of that, he lost a very close personal friend & mentor in a tragic car accident. The death of a loved one is always tough to handle. But for it to happen during the holiday season and during a time when everything else is seemingly going down hill, it has to be overwhelming to say the least. Due to the encouragement and generosity of a another good friend, Rue was able to channel all of his painful sentiments and heavy thoughts into music. Thus the record “God Touched (Dear Summer Freestyle)” was born. He has sat on this record for some time now but felt moved to share his story this holiday season.

The production here is domesticated. It is comprised of: a quiet infrastructure, discreet musical components, a gentle rhythm, and a reflective vibe. There is no hook on this cut. But everything is well spaced out and structured. So one really isn’t necessary. The extended verse is gripping. Rue The Poet engages in an organic flow, revealing wordplay, and deep emotional rhymes. He lays it all out for the listener as he discusses the multiple hardships that plague his life. A snippet from the airing out of his grief is as follows: “The Lord took my friend just to see his angel soar. My job let me go before they even let me know. But I would like to thank them though because that only made me grow. I got a seed coming. You won’t see me running. I’m just a foundation. He’s gotta be something. Breaking shackles to that idealistic tabernacle. Mind of the man resistant to the bite of the forbidden apples. On the side of the highway. Ushering through the lanes just trying to find my way.” Those lines right there definitely leave one feeling some kind of way. All in all, this is a commendable record.

**My Two Cents: I am super touched that Rue wanted to release something so intimate with the assistance of the site. It’s never easy to come to terms with the level of heartache that he endured but I’m glad that he made it through. I think readers will be able to empathize a lot with the 414 talent on this one and thus find it worthy of a listen or two. Rest in paradise to his friend Keena Green. And mad props to Rue for sharing another major piece of himself with the world. -MinM

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MC7 February 19, 2016 - 3:02 pm

Such a beautiful and touching piece!!! Blessings to all who here it:)


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