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Nu Money – Now That I Have Your Attention (Mixtape Review)

by Miracle

N.T.I.H,Y.A Cover ArtIMG_2764(Photos By Nu Money)

“Flex” (previous review)

Milwaukee artist Nu Money is closing out his final music quarter for this year with a new full length release dubbed Now That I Have Your Attention. The 11 track collective contains a nice minute set of features from fellow local talents like Trunk Bussa and Cezar. This makes for his second major offering in 2015. The site was lucky enough to get an early listen of the mixtape. Continue reading after the break to see how everything panned out.

“Been A Boss (Intro)”

This is the very first song on the project. The production here is fire. The deep-seated bass, savvy background ingredients, infectious rhythm, and hood style vibe make for a classic pairing. The hook is a winner as well. The delivery is energetic and the lyrics are hard to forget. The track is a shorter one, so there is only one verse present. The lone verse is a beast though. Nu Money comes through with a distinct flow, sly wordplay, and plush rhymes. He does an excellent job of displaying to the listener why he has every right to consider himself a big gun. A prime example includes lines such as: “That money calling, you ain’t earning fast enough. Hurry up. I can show you how to flip it. Keep it coming, repetitious. And it’s either trap or rap. It don’t really make a difference. All I know, all I know, all I know is how to get it. And pass it down to the clique like a tradition. If they told you I fell off than they motherf—in lying. I been working overtime. B—h I’m motherf—in tired.” One can not deny the dominant nature within those words right there. Overall, this track is a smash and an excellent way to get the ball rolling.

 “Ring Bells”

The production here is dope. The heavy hitting foundation, gritty secondary elements, spirited pace, and sinister vibe are a flawless match. The hook is something special too. The delivery contains a melodic tone to it and the lyrics are magnetic. The verses are legit. Nu Money provides an original style flow, proficient wordplay, and high quality rhymes. If his name didn’t hold any weight with listeners before it most certainly will after this joint. A sprinkling of notable lines are: “It’s shout outs when I step out. City f–king with the two though. Yup, you know the motto. If you love her, better get her. Cause if that a** fat, I might just f–k it and forget her. N—as worried ’bout the wrong s–t. I been on a road trip. Trying to run it up. I keep one up if they ain’t on s–t. (…) You know. So stop acting like you don’t. I got it on my own. So b—h I do what I want.” Those are some pretty brazen bars right there. All in all, this is another hit selection.

“Passenger” F/ Cezar

 The production here is well put together. It is made up of: a loaded base, animated supporting details, a quirky tempo, and an intense vibe. The hook is trill. The delivery is passionate and the lyrics are vivid. The verses are favorable. Nu Money steps up to bat first and Cezar knocks out the second portion of the offering. Both artists serve up aggressive flows, apt wordplay, and menacing rhymes. They send a very pointed message in a loud and clear fashion. Peep as Nu Money spits: “Rumors floating, heard they plotting on ya boy. Well I’m here. And ducking action ain’t an option for ya boy. I’m a be everywhere I been at. Solo-dolo with a strap. If it ain’t about a (…) when you talking, n—a end that. For real n—a. Got shooters for real n—a. Trying to earn stripes. They just waiting on the kill n—a. Let’s get it. 40 with extension. Just be careful who you mention. N—as calling out the truth. You must of dialed the wrong extension.” Those are some sick opening lines right there. As a whole, this is an excellent collaboration and hopefully just one of many to come from the two young 414 representers.

**My Two Cents: Now That I Have Your Attention is an A-1 effort. The production is fitting. The guest appearances are set to the perfect amount. Additionally, everyone brings something worthwhile to the table. And the content will maintain one’s interest for sure. So the collective justifies it’s name. There is a song or two that could use a little tweaking but nothing too major. I think fans of Nu Money, both old & new alike will find something to appreciate about this one. It’s an admirable addition to his catalog. So take a chance and check it out. -MinM

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