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Nu Money – “Flex”

by Miracle

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414 talent Nu Money is preparing once again to shake up the music scene with a brand new project. It has been dubbed Dreamers Never Sleep and the promo campaign thus far has gained quite the traction. Recently, he was gracious enough to leak a single to the site coined “Flex.”

The production here is 100% fire. The daunting bass line, heightened background elements, dramatic tempo, and strictly business vibe make for a five star compilation. The hook is valid too. The delivery is unique and the lyrics are simple yet contagious. The verses are of a deluxe quality. Nu Money enlists a well-defined flow, thematic wordplay, and tailored rhymes. He breathes a hood savvy new life into the phrase that serves as the track’s title. Take notice as he spits: “If ya eating put ya team on. My section looking like the Bucks done brought a ring home. (Flex) Flex young n—a, young n—a flex. You mention money king and now that young n—a next. (Flex) Rubber band full of bail money. I’m talking you ain’t gotta count, it’s all there money. (Flex) N—as better add me up. Cause I been counting for a minute. Soon as I get it, I’m a spend it. Talking commas, after commas, that’s a run on sentence.” One can’t help but to be drawn to the braggadocios nature of those bars right there. As a whole, this song is a smash hands down.

**My Two Cents: When something is of a high caliber, not a whole lot needs to be said about it. This track is definitely on that level. The beat is ridiculous. Not sure who the producer is on this one but they certainly showed out. And Nu Money snapped as well. From the hook to the verses, he just went all in. I love it. I know that any fan of real music will too. So push play already. I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on the Dreamers Never Sleep campaign from here on out. -MinM

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