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Maryann – “Struggle Rapper”

by Miracle

unnamed(Photo By The N-Crowd Entertainment)

Maryann (The N-Crowd Entertainment) decided to lighten things up a bit with a recent release that she describes as the follow up to her previous single, “CookingForBae.” It is coined “Struggle Rapper” and it is produced by SBΛCΞ. Additionally, it is slated to appear on her upcoming EP, Bedroomtrap’n.

The production here is extremely fresh. The snazzy base, stylish secondary musical components, infectious rhythm, and playful vibe make for a very pleasing blend. The hook is a winner too. The vocals are glossy and the lyrics are hard to forget. The verses are entertaining. Maryann continues to deliver shining harmonies with amusing lyrics enhanced by witty quips throughout the entire record. She gives a comedic perspective on what it’s like to date an up-and-coming rapper. A couple of signature lines from her outlook are: “He gave me a mixtape for my birthday. But it was all his songs. And that’s cool and all. But on date night he took me to his show with like 20 bros and three other hoes. It’s got me wondering, what did I get myself into?” Anyone involved with their local music scene can get a good chuckle out of those opening lines right there because there is just a hint of familiarity in them. Overall, this is a truly enjoyable selection.

**My Two Cents: I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this song. The production is banging, the concept is great, and Maryann supplies fitting content. It serves as a nice light-hearted way to keep the momentum going strong as she continues to perfect her pending EP. I believe readers will be inclined to agree. So go ahead and press that play button. -MinM

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