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Theodis Soul – “Paraphernalia”

by Pooh Bailey

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Meet Theodis Soul, a Brooklyn-born and Houston raised rapper who happens to be a member of the Divine Atoms collective. Theodis is a Southern rapper with a Mid-West swag. Especially when he experiments with the traditional roots of Hip-Hop. That brings us to his new release, “Paraphernalia.” Theodis Soul has crafted this track as a rendition of “Hotel California” by The Eagles. With Canadian producer Omito on the boards, Theodis begins to weave a story of a lifestyle that we all can see/relate to.

This track is very smooth. The production is superb. Theodis’s flow is like water through a faucet. However, it does not quite measure up as a rendition of “Hotel California.” If the track was supposed to be a rendition of a Big Sean or Kid Cudi song then I would believe it more. But that’s not to take away from a good track. Theodis Soul has all the right elements, it’s just he has to learn to execute it more adequately. Especially, the next time he decides to compare his track to such a classic hit. But “Paraphernalia” is a good start to a promising career. For more with the multi-regional artist, readers can check out previously released records “TheOldestSoul” and “My Lady.” -Pooh Bailey

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