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Merry Christmas! (2015) / Amadi – “This Christmas” (Cover)

by Miracle

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**Editor’s Note: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Illixer supporters! I hope that everyone has a safe and fun filled time this holiday season. Enjoy all of your gifts and quality time with your loved ones. Be sure to knock back a glass of eggnog or two as well. Be careful if you take yours with a little special twist though (lol). Thank you for hanging with us for yet another festive season. We truly appreciate and have love for all of those who faithfully hold us down. Cheers!

This year’s holiday feature comes via a suggestion from site affiliate Iri$h. An associate of his by the name of Amadi did a cover of the ever so popular and classic tune, “This Christmas.” Amadi is a singer / model / actor who is putting on for Orlando. Readers might recognize him from his role in singer Fantasia‘s television biopic. His cover was recorded in the downtown region of his hometown and is a creation of A1 Films Productions. It truly captures the essence of what this particular season is all about. Which is giving back to those in need and spreading love. It is a heartwarming visual and the cover itself is fittingly done. I think Mr. Hathaway would give his stamp of approval for sure. So do yourself a favor and click play. If this rendition & video don’t put a smile on your face and get your spirits right, then nothing will (lbvs). Be blessed & joyful! -MinM

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