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Music Quickie: Rich P – “King Richard” (Snippet Leak)

by Miracle

purple-crown-hi(Photo By Google Images)

Haven’t had the homie Rich P. on the site musically since the beginning of the year. Lately, he’s been teasing his supporters on social media with snippets of upcoming releases for 2016. In keeping with said campaign, he slipped The Illixer an exclusive clip to check out. Figured readers might want to hear it as well and thus decided to leak it.

The tidbit comes from a song called “King Richard.” It should be noted that this preview version of the clip is still in the rough recording stages. The production sounds pretty legit so far though. It contains that signature combination of smooth yet unconventional that Rich is known for. Additionally, the tempo has a nice middle of the road groove to it. And it seems perfectly tailored to the regal rapper’s style. The few bars that the listener is privy to are on point. Rich P applies an uniform flow, quick-witted wordplay, and official rhymes. He definitely lays the foundation for a crown worthy number. It will be interesting to hear how the rest of the track turns out. I believe readers will agree and should peep the snippet whenever they have a free minute. -MinM

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