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“Olivia Pope” (listen/download)

While today marks Halloween, it also marks “Scandal Thursday.” A nickname coined by fans of the ABC smash hit series Scandal for the second to last day of the week. So it seemed like a great time to share some new music from the site’s favorite Chi-Town crooner, Taylor Mallory (Level Next Music). The R&B talent penned a tribute to the show in honor of and named after the main character, the fabulous Ms. Olivia Pope who is played by the equally amazing Kerry Washington. Given the raging success of the show, this was a very smart idea.

Screen_shot_2013_10_27_at_12.39.08_PM(Photo By Slyda Music Group)

Slyda Music Group (Ron Slyda) has a young new member in their midst. He goes by the name of Luke Taleno and he is just 15 years of age. What makes him so special is the fact that the teen talent is currently in a battle against Leukemia. While cancer is a scary disease to deal with that understandably leaves a lot of people in a bad way, Luke has decided to face his situation head on. Channeling his creativity, he recently unleashed a set of visuals for a song that reflects his sentiments on having to endure the ills of chemotherapy. Due to it’s strong zombie nature, it seemed only right to share it with readers on this day (10/31). Peep it after the break.

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In honor of Halloween and due to the fact that they haven’t been featured in a while, decided to share the latest venture from the fellas of Bass Head Music. In addition to all of the tunes they’ve been working on this year, they have also been putting together the story of how their infamous mascot came to be. Although a tad bit on the creepy side, the boombox head is a very creative memorable part of the group’s brand. And they are the only artists in the city who utilize such a marketing tool. So peep how it all came to be below.

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Here’s To You (listen/download)

Flare The Floozy is part of the select group of consistently buzzed about artists in the Mil-Town. His one of a kind sound and quick-witted rhymes are what make him such a fan favorite. Not too long ago, he brought an end to his brief hiatus and released a brand new mixtape titled Here’s To You. The tape entails: 15 total tracks, a wide variety of producers, and a minute number of guest appearances. The project is presented by DJ Woogie. See what tracks The Illixer enjoyed the most after the break.