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Yo Shorti F/ Dae Flywalker – “Flyer Than I Ever Been”

by Miracle

Readers first heard Yo Shorti as a guest feature on fellow artist Class M.‘s track a couple of weeks ago. She definitely made an impression. So we were all in when the opportunity came about to showcase her in the lead spot. Yo Shorti is a born and raised Milwaukee talent who considers herself a free spirit. She prides herself on being versatile and able to tackle any subject matter with her own blend of sexy fun energy. Beyond the scope of music she has a passion for: poetry, acting, modeling, and writing. So she’s a very well rounded individual. On the mend from battling health issues, Yo Shorti is ready to get more of her music to the masses and slay some live performances. At the moment, she is pushing a song/video with Dae Flywalker called “Flyer Than I Ever Been.”

The production here is notable. It features work from Tizzleondabeat. The heavy foundation, sleek musical elements, fluid rhythm, and suave vibe make for a rewarding blend. The hook is enticing. The delivery is expressive and the lyrics are the kind that easily stick with the listener. The verses are proper. Yo Shorti and Dae Flywalker come with cavalier flows, sly wordplay, and flexing rhymes. Yo Shorti shares that the motivation behind this selection is her regaining her health. She’s feeling good and she wants to show off a bit. A few standout lines from her celebration include: “I know a n—a love me by the money that he let me get. He mean nothing to me if he don’t do nothing for me. I’ve been f–king floating. Gotta hold me up, don’t hold me back. I be f–king goated cause I’m on it and I don’t relax. Baby I don’t get attached. If I do, it’s to the bag.” One can not deny the fact that Yo Shorti got off with those bars right there. All in all, this is a hot single. The video makes for Yo Shorti’s visual debut. It’s got some cool artistic elements and the studio location has a dual purpose. There’s another single coming down the pipeline soon. Readers can lay eyes on the vision below.

**My Two Cents: Yo Shorti is that chic. She’s got an original flavor and her energy is awesome. I love the fact that she has a hand in everything and is not letting her illness slow her down. “Flyer Than I Ever Been” is a great comeback song. Will definitely have you feeling yourself (lol). The video makes for a solid debut. I like the little animated bits throughout. And Dae Flywalker fits in perfectly with everything. He was in his bag too. Can’t wait to hear what Yo Shorti was cooking up in that recording session. Y’all be sure to tap in with sis. The Illixer will definitely be on the lookout. -MinM

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