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The Oshi F/ Rio Dinero – “Wipe Em’ Out”

by Miracle
“Wipe Em’ Out” (Stream Here)

A site supporter decided readers needed to get hip to Milwaukee talent The Oshi. She describes herself as a multi-faceted entertainer who is on a mission to wow the masses with her musical diversity and wide range of skills. Said skills include everything from songwriting to modeling. The Illixer was put on to a collaboration that was released not too long ago called “Wipe Em’ Out.” The song features fellow Mid-West artist Rio Dinero.

The production here is kosher. The light infrastructure, floating supporting elements, passive rhythm, and carefree vibe work graciously together. The hook is adequate. The delivery is neat and the lyrics are pretty easy to follow. The verses are respectable. Rio Dinero gets the ball rolling and The Oshi follows up on the second half. Both artists come with signature flows, moderate wordplay, and brazen rhymes. They hold themselves up on a pedestal and don’t seem too concerned about anyone challenging their positions. The Oshi spits: “Yeah, 4-1-4. All of my n—as be on the go. And all my n—as be on the road. Toting around all them bank rolls, Yeah, pesos. My n—as they do what I say so. Stacking that chips and that queso. Killing the game that’s case closed.” One has to appreciate the confidence being put forth within those bars right there. As a whole, this is a worthwhile offering.

**My Two Cents: The Oshi is giving me silent but deadly energy. She has a subtle style about her but lyrically she goes in without hesitation. I like it. “Wipe Em’ Out” is a nice cut. I think it would land stronger if the production hit just a little bit harder. But it’s definitely a mood. Good summertime cruising music. Curious to hear/see what else The Oshi has under her belt. Are you here for The Oshi? Drop us a line in the comments section after streaming the track above. -MinM

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