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Project Pat & Money Train Empire Presents: Glace Conway’s Don’t Resist Tour

by Miracle

What: Veteran rapper Project Pat is teaming up with rapper Glace Conway for the Don’t Resist Tour. Amidst the tour, there will also be filming for a new reality television series. There are special guests slated to hit the stage but there is also opportunities for indie artists to perform as well. The tour is hitting a wide range of states starting this week and going through almost the end of September. Milwaukee is locked in for not one but two of those dates.

When: Milwaukee, WI stops are August 6, 2022 and August 11, 2022

Where: Milwaukee, WI stops are being hosted at Alibi’s (6540 W Grant St, Milwaukee, WI 53219)

Why You Should Attend: Artists are always looking to showcase their talents and network with individuals outside of their city. This is a great chance to do that. Also, indie reality shows are all the rave right now. So making an appearance on one could definitely earn some valuable attention. And everyone is always complaining that tours, events, etc; always skip the 414. Well this one will be here twice. Site affiliate Tony Merritt (HHQ || Tony Star Media Group) has a hand in this venture. So I can guarantee you that it is legit and worth the participation. If you’re not involved in music, this could be a cool way to find your next favorite rapper and add some fresh new names to your playlists. Regardless of the incentive, I say pop out and support if you can. -MinM

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