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Why Should I Give A Damn? (Podcast Spotlight)

by Miracle

Theme: Black Culture | | Current Events | | Social Media

Background: The Why Should I Give A Damn? podcast consists of members: Eric Dillon (Producer/Host), Briana Dillon (Host), Collin Henderson (Host), Ronnie King (Guest Host/Camera Crew), and Felisicia (Director/Camera Crew). It was established on May 19, 2020. Eric Dillon is a veteran Milwaukee talent. Day one site supporters would know him as rapper Sparkus Garvey. He and the crew want to shake people up a bit by bringing them unfiltered opinions, debates, and discussions. They shared: “In a world where social media changes what we talk about quicker than ever you never can be quite prepared for what we may discuss next. We want people to learn something new every episode as well as open their minds up to a perspective they may not have thought of before tuning in.” Moving forward as they continue to expand they would like to be able to feature more recognizable guests and flood the people with A LOT more content. The latter of which they are already working on. They’ve transitioned from only dropping once a week to breaking up their content into many interactive clips. So people can expect to see their faces A LOT even if they hate the show (lol).

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**My Two Cents: Sparkus teamed up with people who share his unapologetic energy, sarcasm, and raw sense of humor and the result is everything. The Why Should I Give A Damn? podcast is lit. Definitely not for the weak though. But in today’s overly sensitive cancel culture, the podcast is definitely necessary and refreshing. I’m here for it. If readers have a thick enough skin, they will dig it for sure too. Get a taste of the podcast via the above video and hit those links if you are able to handle the crew. -MinM

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