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Token – “Threat” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

BlJiTc4(Photo By Producers United)

Boston artist Token decided to grace his supporters with a treat last week on Halloween (10/31). He released a new song & video simply entitled “Threat.” The song was produced by Jon Glass of Glasshouse Productions. It has received almost 1,500 plays in less than a week and the video is at almost 9,000 views. Those are some sweet numbers for such a short amount of time. Find out what’s so great about the two offerings after the break.

The production for the single is fire. The heavy bass, theatrical secondary ingredients, rhythmical tempo, and businesslike vibe make for a superior blend. The hook is stellar. The delivery is packed full of confidence and the lyrics are gutsy. The verses are of a high grade quality. Token supplies a wicked flow, intricate wordplay, and magnetic rhymes. He trades in his laid back personal nature for something a bit more in your face, as he lets his competitors know exactly why they should be concerned about him. All in all, this is a novel ‘warning shot’ style track.
The video was once again done with the assistance of Blake Larson. It has a Halloween aura to it paired with a relatively straightforward concept. The opening scene shows Token in a shadowy setting surrounded by ominous objects with everything accented by a fog of sorts. The next scene shows Token amidst a large group of his peers all decked out in dark colors and creepy looking masks. And a third scene shows Token chilling by himself with large body of water in the background. The scene has a dusk kind of lighting to it that helps retain the eerie essence of the piece. In addition to all of the haunting components, Token gives a strong colorful performance. He truly embraces the confidence that he puts forth in the song which lends a layer of authenticity to the visual. The flick tapers off with Token shooting the camera a hard stare before taking off to catch up with his team. Overall, this is a champion effort.
**My Two Cents: This is hands down my new favorite song & video release from Token. The production is ridiculously good and Token snapped on the content. He went all the way in and really established his dominance as a rapper. The way he speeds up his flow with the tongue twisty words is one of the best parts to me. The video was pretty sweet too. Everything was cleanly edited and all of the shots went excellently with the vibe of the track. It is hard to believe that both the song and visuals were done by talents so young. They killed it. Readers need to take both in for sure. Many thanks to Shawn Patel for making sure I caught this last Halloween weekend! -MinM

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