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Chris AKA Chief F/ Dyshaun Bright – “Never Gave Ah”

by Miracle

never(Photo By Derek Lemire PR)

Chris AKA Chief is an established artist from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Though he is new to The Illixer, he is no stranger to the music business as he has been doing his thing for over a decade now.  He is pushing a brand called New Age Empire and his ultimate goal is to become a worldwide household name. He is currently working on a project called #ThePlan. To keep his supporters’ interest, he is releasing a new song every month up until the release of the collective. The latest song in the campaign is a collaboration titled “Never Gave Ah.” It features another Massachusetts artist by the name of Dyshaun Bright and was produced by Latrell James.

The production here is of a five star quality. The booming foundation, melodramatic supporting details, measured tempo, and strong hood vibe are a match made in audio heaven. The hook is spirited. The delivery is animated and the lyrics are forward. The verses are tough. The fellas come with domineering flows, solid wordplay, and raw gritty rhymes. They hold no punches as they let the more flippant sides of their personas reign supreme on the track. A couple of noteworthy lines are: “I be with a bad b—h somewhere where it’s palm trees. Then it’s back to the jungle with the monkeys. Say my city cold so I’m putting on the Monclers. Skating on the b—hes like I’m on skis. Tell the bottle lady I need Remy and some Dom P’s. Tell the label seven million and some car keys. Quit selling drugs. Can somebody tell the law please. Fire with them devils. Get ’em off, get ’em off me. Now the hoes want me. Them n—as look salty. Funny thing is I ain’t never give a f–k though. Rap don’t work then it’s back to the strip.” One has to appreciate the artfulness of those bars right there. All in all, this single is a winner.
**My Two Cents: This is a top notch street anthem. The production goes hard and the content is fresh. Chris AKA Chief and Dyshaun Bright make seriously proper contributions. I think readers will agree and should check out the tune as soon as possible. If readers are indeed feeling the selection; both artists can be found on Twitter (see above) and I’m sure they would appreciate a follow along with some feedback. -MinM

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