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Lucid – “Drive Back” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

RGBLucidWeb(Photo By Lucid)

Remember the beautiful Street Soul duo Lucid from The Netherlands that were introduced to the site back when the weather was just a tad bit nicer? Well not too long ago, they dropped the final visual to be released before their debut album Poisoned Pawns hits the masses on the 11th (Tuesday) of this month. This makes for their third video from the upcoming project. The song they selected to bring to the small screen is labeled “Drive Back” and it was produced by Timo.

The song is set to a mellow tune with a strong piano presence, becoming instrumentation, and a meditative vibe. The production is aces overall. The hook is first-class too. The vocals are elegant and the lyrics are expressive. The verses are favorable. The ladies supply pleasing melodies and sentimental lyrics. They convey the message of wanting to go back in time and take advantage of lost chances swimmingly. Overall, this is a stirring selection.

The video was directed by Niels Bourgonje with editing done by Maarten Ernst. The setting for the visual is Rotterdam. Specific locales include the Nhow Hotel and Sali, which is related to a taxi service. The color scheme for the flick is completely black and white. The concept for the work is pretty easy to follow. It centers around the ladies in their own individual elements while they indulge in some personal reflection. The scenes are very smooth and emotive. There is also a glimpse of the pair dressed in unique snazzy threads jamming out together which plays in between the separate imagery. The vision ends with one last vivid hotel moment. As a whole, this is a highly enjoyable effort.


**My Two Cents: This was a nice song and video release. I really appreciate the production quality and I like the theme of the record. The ladies did a fine job of highlighting it with their contributions. The video is a gem as well. It was very tastefully done all around the board. This definitely helped to peak my interest in hearing the rest of Poisoned Pawns. It’s shaping up to be a very promising album. Be sure to keep up with Lucid on Facebook (see above) to catch the project when it drops. -MinM

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