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Tiki Da Poet – “Poetry Is My Man” (Poem)

by Miracle

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In addition to the collaboration piece, Tiki submitted two poems that she did on her own as well. The first is called, “Poetry Is My Man.” It is a fervent ode to the art form itself which anyone who knows her can tell that she truly cherishes. Give it a peek below.

“Poetry Is My Man”

(Poem By Tiki Da Poet)

This poetry running thru my veins
Ready 2 burst outside of myself
Poetry is what I live & breathe 4
Poetry is my passion
Poetry is what I thrive 4
It’s sumthin’ 2 help me release
My passion…love…anger
Matters of the heart…
What I feel in my spirit
I love Poetry
U can say that
Poetry is my man

My heart & soul…my love
It’s what I’m feeling inside
My way of venting out
My true feelings
Words that I can’t say…so I write them
In the form of poetry
So seductively sexi…
I make love 2 Poetry…I fight with Poetry
I made Poetry my husband
My confidante…my healer…my lover…
Poetry makes me feel special
Takes me 2 heighta never before taken
Poetry makes me feel high
I am in love with Poetry
4 a lifetime…
Poetry is my man

This poem is very telling. The subject of the piece focuses on Tiki opening up about her deep rooted connection towards writing. She communicates her feelings through compelling words that convey spirited emotions. These words include first-rate descriptions and metaphors. The poem comes from a privied point of view and really personifies the rhythmical composition. One can easily envision poetry as Tiki’s other half. All in all, this was another superb undertaking from the innovative writer.

**My Two Cents: This was a well put together poem. I liked the topic and feel like it gave Tiki’s supporters a better understanding of who she is. Readers can experience Tiki taking her poetry to another level by visiting her on Sound Cloud. Her readings are pretty solid. -MinM

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