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Tiki Da Poet & Quise ‘The Notebook’ Williams – “N My Dreams” (Poem)

by Miracle


(Photo By Tiki Da Poet)

So for the first time ever, the site was hit with a poetry collaboration. The effort comes from long time contributor Tiki Da Poet and new face Quise ‘The Notebook’ Williams. Williams hails from Houston, Texas. He’s currently creating a buzz in the poetry world through his new book, The Remnants Of Me. He is planning a tour in the near future to help further promote the book. He teamed up with Tiki to create a piece titled, “N My Dreams.” Check it out after the break.

“N My Dreams”

(Poem By Tiki Da Poet & Quise ‘The Notebook’ Williams)

He came 2 me n my dreams
This mornin’…he came 2 me n my sleep
It felt so surreal…2 real…
Like he was really here…
His arms around me…his voice
N my ear…and if it was my choice
He would really b here…
And with gentle care…he would erase my
He would comfort me…hold me…
He would help me leave b-hind the old
So 2nite when I go 2 sleep
I hope u meet me there…N my dreams…

She came to me in, a dream..
Awaking with, an unforgiving smile upon
my face
A smile sketched in ink so, there was no
way, it could be erased…
Sight unseen but, with the softest voice,
she spoke to me
In almost a whisper as, I listened,
Saying, she came to see, through fruition,
everything I’ve been hoping and,
She came to me…
In a dream…

He came 2 me n a dream
That sweet baritone
Voice n my ear…
Soothe me 2 my very core…
Sending chills down
Down n my soul…
So poetic…the way he speaks
His pen has me open
Hoping 4 more…
The way he looks @ me
The way he feels as he hugs me
The confidence n his walk
He’s a gentle beast I know
He came 2 me n my dreams
Where he showed me…

She came to me in a dream…
Super glue stuck word, to my soul
Showing me, within visions within, a dream
that, there was more to me than what, my
outer-core told..
Clouds spelling out words, in bold print,
written across heaven’s skyline
Wing-strapped, telling me to, look within,
myself and, I would find…
Everything she has shown me…
Within a dream.

This poem gives off an ethereal vibe with deep beautiful content. The theme for the writing centers around the bliss of interacting with one’s perfect mate in the land of slumber. The piece is sprinkled with evocative imagery that really draws the reader in. It is four stanzas long and consists of the two poets taking turns sharing their experiences. Tiki holds down the first and third stanzas while Quise takes care of the second and fourth. Tiki paints the portrait of a strong yet nonabrasive male figure who brings her comfort and hope. Quise crafts the likeness of a soothing female that helps him become more in-tune with his inner self. Both poets did an amazing job. Overall, this an exceptional offering.

**My Two Cents: So Tiki is the first poet that I have had the pleasure of networking with that actively does collaborations. Thus this is a refreshing approach to poetry to me. I love the way it was structured and it turned out wonderfully. I dig everything about it from the tone to the imagery. Her and Quise really fed off of each other perfectly. I am so happy that I got the chance to share this with readers. As always a huge thank you to the poets for allowing the site to publish their work. To return the favor, give Tiki a like on Facebook and check out Quise’s blog. -MinM

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